Metchie, Williams and different outcomes

Nick Saban is actually more gracious about Georgia’s win here than his hosts are.

Certainly more so than, say, your average blogger on Roll Bama Roll.

I give Alabama’s fan base a few more years until they elevate Metchie and Williams to the level that Tommy Tuberville gave his 2004 undefeated team of being the national champs.  Hopefully, it’ll be too late to throw a parade by then.


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41 responses to “Metchie, Williams and different outcomes

  1. Saban’s tone has softened since getting bad press about not being gracious in their loss…he just refused to take the bait in this interview

    Once you lose the support of penishead with giant ears, you change your stance a little

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  2. RangerRuss

    “And I believe that…”
    Georgia Bulldogs
    2021 National Champions
    Suck it Gumps!

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  3. godawgs1701

    Stay mad, Bammers!


  4. Russ

    Well, it WAS a rebuilding year for them…even though they had the #1 talent composite of all the teams in CFB. They just didn’t have time to develop the next set of 4 and 5 star players because they were too busy with the portal and throwing to 2 players.

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  5. originaluglydawg

    So give Metchie and Williams each an imaginary score.
    Two more touchdowns.
    Dawgs still win, you gumpturds.

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  6. akascuba

    Nick publicly says what he believes is best for himself.

    Give the folks at RTR a few years and they’ll add last season to their list of claimed NC’s.

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  7. waterswv

    Sour grapes make the sweetest of wine 🍷

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  8. What has amazed me the most is why Alabama their 2nd best receiver for 2 and a half games and their best receiver for roughly a half a game caries more weight than our top two receivers (Pickens and Blaylock) being out basically all year. How many more snaps and meaningful plays would each have had if they were healthy? In addition Arian Smith was out and he was the only other receiver that could truly stretch the field vertically. Why is this completely overlook in every analysis piece I have seen?

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  9. Listen to the whole clip. Sure he says, “I don’t know if we would,” and that it is always hard to beat a great team twice, and how he doesn’t want to take anything away from Georgia…

    …then proceeds to talk about how he doesn’t know if most teams could have withstood the loss of two great receivers and two great corners. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

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    • There’s a difference between a good loser and a graceful loser. He was as close as graceful as it gets in the immediate aftermath of the game – “you kicked out ass in the 4th quarter” and the post-game presser compliments. From that point on, it has been nothing but loser talk.

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      • uga97

        F Saban. We owned his Heisman for 4 Quarters. We led after the 3rd Quarter & 4th Q. Bamas first & only TD on us came in the 4th Quarter, but after we turned it over and gave them a short field. Funny how that’s the only Quarter he says we kicked his ass, cause everyone else watched a 4 quarter masterpiece by kirby & co vs Saban/bama (who avg 36 pts/game vs SEC teams last year) let alone vs Saban in a championship.


  10. fisheriesdawg

    He may say that in public, but in private he made a backhanded dig to one of our starters back in the spring, saying “congratulations, that was a tough game for us without those receivers.” Screw him.

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  11. No one ever asks Nick Saban a tough question.

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    • Down Island Way

      And these dip sticks with a microphone are gonna’ continue this line of questioning, (which is a back handed slap at UGA football) instead of something more intriguing, low and behold…”coach, how are the replacements in the positions of need doing so far in fall camp”…”are you and jimbo not texting anymore”, or maybe, just maybe “coach, which staff member washes the Benz every day, is that a dealer thing” or ” coach, how are you and the Aflac duck getting along”…?

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  12. Texas Dawg

    Someone needs to grill Saban. “Coach UGA had freshmen stepping up all over the field during the NC game. Why were your freshmen not prepared to take center stage like Kirby’s were?

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    • RangerRuss

      This is one of the reasons I feel Georgia has the premiere program in college football. Young Dawgs aren’t simply waiting on the bench. They’re prepared to step in and do the deed.
      Kirby develops recruits early.

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  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    George Pickens, Dominick Blaylock, Tate Ratledge, (dare I says it) J.T. Daniels, and a few others. Sheesh, we were lucky to be there at all!

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  14. Dawg in Austin

    I just like that his feet are a foot off the floor, kind of matches the pouting he’s doing.

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  15. ZeroPOINTzero

    Who watches these dumb ass needle dicks and why do they have a show? Proof that the unemployment rate is too low. I’d rather watch a show with mean Jean Chizik, Dan Mullen and Corch Irvin Myers with Paul Johnson as a recurring guest star. I just shuddered and tasted bile thinking about that.

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  16. How about Marty Smith sit down with Kirby Smart and say the same thing to him and get Kirby’s response?

    Stick to NASCAR and copious amounts of hair product, Marty!

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  17. uga97

    “But Little Nicky, those guys played for you vs Texas A&M, who had a true freshman QB, 6-7 Florida & their garbage team/QBs, Auburn’s 6-7 team with Garbage QB & Arkansas…so how’s that rebuild coming along?

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  18. MGW

    I guess they’re just a little shocked by finally being bitten in the ass by depth issues. It’s been a long time.


  19. ben

    My kid said about Marty McGee, “He looks like a youth pastor who loves Jesus a little too much,” and I still can’t understand how he got a job at ESPN.

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  20. Crybaby cunts.

    Saban understands that you need to have backups ready to go all the time. Georgia consistently during the year had first and second stringers cycling through so everyone was ready to go.

    , The smart ‘Bama fans know the same thing. The idiots are cry baby bitches.

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  21. Often overlooked is that the 2 Horseman of the Apocalypse played the entirely of the loss to ATM and the two wins in which the O scored a grand total of 30 points combined. Their whining and excuse making is just fine with me as it’s an indicator that things may be unraveling a bit at Bama.

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  22. Clearly, Bama will go 0-12 in 2022 since Metchie and Williams are no longer on the team.


  23. Morris Day

    Marty & McGee’s fake country shtick… I wouldn’t piss in either’s ear if their brain was on fire.

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  24. I’m all for the what ifs on injuries, i just think we need to be more fair in the application.

    What if they get Metchie and Williams?

    What if it get Arian, Tykee, Trezman Marshall and state Ratledge back plus Pickens and Chris Smith at full health? It goes both ways.