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If you can make it there…

Well, well, well, lookie here:


UPDATE:  By the way, you’ll definitely want to read Pat Forde’s article on Bennett.

Still, it wasn’t over until freshman cornerback Kelee Ringo rose up and snared a Bryce Young pass, then returned it 79 yards to clinch the title. That’s when Bennett started sobbing on the sideline. He finally realized how much he’d been carrying and let it go.

“I didn’t let myself think about what would happen if we won or lost,” Bennett says. “If you do, you get overwhelmed—like, it’s a big deal. We have the wants and desires of millions of Georgia fans on us; that’s a pretty heavy load. I literally felt all that slide off my shoulders and I started crying.”

A second catharsis came when Stetsons III and IV saw each other postgame.

“A lot of tears,” Stetson III says. “Literally, this is what we worked for. We wanted to win a championship for the University of Georgia. Who ever gets the opportunity to be what he said he wanted to be at 3 years old?”



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This aggression will not stand, man.

An abomination, plain and simple.

The weird thing will be next season, when they use the same theme music for both conferences.

Shame on you, CBS.


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Today, in (don’t) stick to sports

While I appreciate the attempt here to snark Florida football…

… if you’re gonna ding Dan Mullen, Tate, at least be accurate about his shortcomings.  I mean, it’s not like the Portal Master™ isn’t a target rich environment.

[Ed. note:  I’d like to think I don’t need to warn anyone of the consequences of going off the rails in the comments section with this, but I know better.  Consider yourselves warned.]


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In a shocking development, reality intrudes.

Shit, now this made me laugh out loud:

A source told ESPN that the general feel among the presidents and chancellors on the call was that the college sports leaders have left too much money on the table by not implementing a new playoff before 2026, perhaps as much as a half-billion dollars. Much of the obstruction to the 12-team playoff appears to have dissipated, as media day comments from multiple leaders revealed some of the obstacles now appear to have been more performative than grounded in reality.

‘Ya think?

These people are too much.  We definitely aren’t getting the college sports leaders we deserve.


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Today, in moot points

This year’s NFL draft has Kavion Henderson (Leeds/Leeds, Ala.) thinking hard about joining the Georgia program. With 15 players selected in the NFL draft, the Bulldogs made quite an impression when it comes to thinking of the ultimate football goal.

“To be drafted high, you want to go to Georgia,” Henderson said. “If you want to go to the NFL, you want to go to Georgia.”

Amazing that playing the Cocktail Party in Jacksonville hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm yet.  Maybe Kirby Smart hasn’t apologized for it.  Still, you’d think with all the negative recruiting about it…


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Your Daily Gator isn’t feeling it.

From faithful reader Joe:

It’s an opener against a top ten opponent and the first game for a new coach… and you haven’t sold out yet?  Damn.  Just damn.

Let us know when the Swamp comes alive, fellas.


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Good on Georgia Southern for this:

If UGA isn’t adding its full-throated endorsement to this, shame on us.


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