NCAA to schools: help us to help you

Everybody talks about what’s wrong with NIL, but does anybody want to do anything about it?

NCAA officials sent a letter to its membership Thursday noting its enforcement staff’s pursuit of “potential violations” of the name, image and likeness compensation policy and emphasizing the need for schools to help investigations.

… The NCAA has yet to issue a notice of allegations related to potential NIL violations to a school. The letter stressed the importance of schools “self-regulating.”

“To achieve success and protect fair competition from abuses, member cooperation and communication with the NCAA enforcement staff is imperative when self-regulating requirements fail,” the letter said.

The letter said “our focus is not on targeting student-athletes, but rather the actors who pose a threat to the integrity of college sports.”

The letter concluded with a plea to its 1,100 member schools with nearly 500,000 athletes to report improprieties.

“Investigations can be challenging and the enforcement staff needs help from member schools. Specific information about contacts or transactions will expedite investigations and help us secure truthful accounts,” the letter read. “We understand why coaches and student-athletes are reluctant to provide documentary evidence and details on the record, but it’s critically important in our effort to protect compliant programs.”

Yeah, I’m guessing this will have zero impact.  When you’ve been operating as an illegal cartel for decades, “snitches get stiches” is part of the lifestyle that’s hard to break.


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16 responses to “NCAA to schools: help us to help you

  1. Ran A

    All I know is any time that (and that’s every time) Georgia has cooperated with the NCAA, they have paid the price. While others (North Carolina comes to mind) fought them tooth and nail and got a hand slap. I vote hand slap.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Don’t forget Auburn in 2010, when the NCAA concluded that Cam telling the Mississippi State coaches that the money was better at Auburn was not evidence that Cam knew that his Father was asking Auburn to give the Newtons money for his services.

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  2. Tell me you’re powerless without telling me you’re powerless.

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  3. originaluglydawg

    NCAA never seems to be out in front of a situation.
    They’re a re-active, un-imaginative…and do not practice equal application of their rules, laws, etc.
    The cheaters in College Football are Bugs Bunny and the NCAA is Elmer Fudd.

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  4. I was listening to Punt and Pass this AM and Butler pointed out that Miles Brennan gets to keep his NILdeals due to them ‘not being performances based’. Wonder if Tn’s collective has considered that.

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  5. Auburn: “What’s up, Doc?”

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  6. 86bone



  7. originaluglydawg

    That pesky wabbit!

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  8. An enforcement group, created by the college presidents, is turning around and asking same presidents to help them do their job. So many questions….


  9. 69Dawg

    “…actors who pose a threat to the integrity of college sports.” Boy that quote is a hoot. Let me count the actors: 1 TV networks; 2 NCAA; 3 College Presidents: 4 Conference Commissioners; 5 ADs; 6 Coaches; 7 Collectives; 8 Agents; 9 NFL, hell it would have been easier to just say the athletes are the only ones that aren’t.


  10. Hot damn, Greg McGarity would be lining up outside the NCAA headquarters to report shady NIL shit. He never met a self-regulation he didn’t like.

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