TFW you have to resort to bribery

For those of us hoping a nine-game conference schedule is in the works for the SEC…

… if they’re stuck asking Mickey to throw more money at them to add the game, they’re either playing a game of 3-D chess (something I would suggest is wildly out of character for the parties involved) or we ain’t getting that ninth game any time soon.  Bastards.



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16 responses to “TFW you have to resort to bribery

  1. uga97

    Get Oklahoma & Texas ADs for input to see of the scale tips.


  2. Down Island Way

    With the looming $ec expan$ion on the horizon, would the 9 game schedule seem inevitable, just asking for my checkers partner…


  3. 81Dog

    A 16 (or more) team conference is completely unwieldy. If we’re going mini NFL, will we have 3 divisions, with the winner and a wild card playing for spits in the SECC next? If almost half your league is not really part of your league, what do you really have?


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  4. Ran A

    So they are thinking about an 8 game schedule with 1 permanent opponent? Gee, I wonder where Auburn and Tennessee stand on that?

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  5. Geezus

    Why is the SEC meeting in North Carolina? You’d think they’d meet in a state where they have a member school.

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  6. The only way this goes to 9 games is if Mickey is willing to pay enough for it to make the Kentuckys of the world agree to it.

    Say, good-bye to the DSOR as an annual game. We’ll be told it will be more special because we won’t play every year (same thing they told the Nebraska people when Nebraska-Oklahoma went away).

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  7. godawgs1701

    ESPN and Disney are struggling with the loss of cable fees and they’re trying to figure out ways to make streaming work as profitably as the old pay cable model did. In short, with their commitments to all of the leagues they pay money to and the ESPN Events they sponsor, I’m not sure how much money they think they can guarantee they’ll have over the lifetime of the SEC rights deal. That is to say, I’m not sure they’re coming back to the table if they’re comfortable with the amount of money they’ll be clearing on SEC games as is.