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“Explosiveness is listed first because it is the most impactful on wins and losses.”

If you’re interested, Virginia’s former director of analytics has done a deep dive into what’s behind explosive pass plays.  (It is a subject for which he can claim some degree of expertise, based on last season’s statistics.)

What’s cool for me is that factors he examines — “reduced” formations, pre-snap motion, play action, for example — are all part of Monken’s offensive scheme.  There’s some good analysis there, so give it a read.



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TFW you’re channeling your inner Bear Bryant

I’m not sure this is the point of pride Scott Frost thinks it is.

That kind of takes me back to the 2003 Georgia-Clemson game.

OK, folks, this is just gross. You want to know why Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst fumbled one of those snaps in the Tigers’ 30-0 loss Saturday to Georgia? Center Tommy Sharpe had just vomited on the ball, then presented it between his legs to Whitehurst. Nice guy, right? It gets worse. After the series Sharpe went to the sideline and puked on coach Tommy Bowden’s shoes.


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Return to greatness

With the news that Urban Meyer is returning to the broadcast crew for Fox’ college football game day show comes one question:  what exactly is the demographic for people who say, “I ain’t watchin’ BIG NOON KICKOFF unless Corch is there”?  Seriously?


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It’s not 4 tickets, 4  hot dogs, 4 cokes…

… but it’s closer than I’d ever want to see a school of mine go.  Good grief.


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