Return to greatness

With the news that Urban Meyer is returning to the broadcast crew for Fox’ college football game day show comes one question:  what exactly is the demographic for people who say, “I ain’t watchin’ BIG NOON KICKOFF unless Corch is there”?  Seriously?



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  1. Ran A

    He is perfect for the Big 10. Arrogant, Butt Hurt and a constant chip on his shoulder for not quite being the best.

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  2. Bulldawg Bill

    Never imagined the Douchebag demographic was that big! Who knew?!

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  3. I don’t watch B1G anything (although o did watch the end of Michigan-Ohio State last year from the bar at the Fech conference center after the beatdown). Bringing back the Douche just cements it for me.

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    • Corch’s NFL run made Saban’s NFL stint look like Bill Belichick, Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry all rolled up into one.

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      • Saban was organized enough and detail oriented enough that had he stay for awhile, he’d had been ok. He was screwed when they wouldn’t let him get Brees like he wanted.

        Urban on the other hand is a total conman who has always relied on having more talent and being a lying piece of shit to his players, neither of which is feasible with grown ass men represented by a union.

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      • gastr1

        I think we have to include at least a couple of known abusers in said rollup. Frank Kush, maybe. Woody Hayes comes to mind. lol


  4. whit1356

    Only Suckeye or maybe Floriduh fans give a rat’s ass what that scumbag has to say. Here’s to hoping his tenure @ Fox is even shorter than his time in Jax. He’s subject to a moments notice health condition when it suits him anyway, amitite?

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  5. Only demographic I can think of is Ohio State fans who still insist Corch got railroaded. Even the Gator fans I know are done with his ass.

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  6. SlobberKnocker

    That graphic seems to perfectly describe what we’ve heard about Urban’s programs, especially Jax.

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    • wallybuttsin

      ^^ Absolutely! I’d say it is perfect for each “long term” stop he made coaching. Don’t know if he was at Bowling Green or Utah long enough to have a large effect on their programs. They should be thankful he moved on.


  7. Signs of a dysfunctional team. Corch is in charge.

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  8. Anon

    This guy—straight into the woodchipper

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  9. The Truth

    How in the world can that worthless motherfucker talk about those 3 issues with a straight face?!? He’s certainly an expert on all of them, no doubt, having helped create those environments. Is this an intentional parody on FOX’s part?

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  10. 86bone

    That ass hat couldn’t motivate a monkey with diarrhea to have a bowel movement!

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  11. loudawg

    “I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two”

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  12. stillthatguy

    But the real question remains. Which of his co-hosts is he going to kick for missing an OBVIOUS answer?


  13. row105

    The man has won 3 three National Championships. I believe that he can be a person I wouldn’t want my son to play for but still know more about college football than 99.9999% of people on the face of this earth. Is he a fundamentally flawed human being ?, yes. Did he have monkey pox sex with Tim Tebow ? Probably. Do I think that because of 1 and 2 he does NOT know football. No. I want the announcers to know something about football not be a role model. What is the demographic for people who say. ” I’m not watching Ohio State versus Penn State because a man I don’t respect is doing the pregame. Probably just as small a group as the first ,who are going to watch because he is on the air. P.S. I heard Jeffrey Toobin was going to be on Gameday… he ain’t doing nothing…….. Before this blogoshere goes f..king crazy that is called an object lesson.

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  14. Biding his time until the Auburn job opens up


  15. This just cements the fact that I will never watch this show. Meyer is one of the few people in sports that gives me a visceral negative reaction. There is nothing I admire about him, nothing I like about him. I find him an abhorrent human being with a sanctimonious, holier than thou attitude, while simultaneously seeming to have no moral compass or boundaries to how low he will go. The fact that he coached at two of my least favorite schools only solidifies in my mind the reasons I hate those teams to begin with. The only place vile enough for Irvin to be employed is our nation’s capital, where he would simply be another piece of crap floating around in the world’s most despicable cesspool!

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      ” The only place vile enough for Irvin to be employed is our nation’s capital, where he would simply be another piece of crap floating around in the world’s most despicable cesspool!”

      TLK!!! My Dawg!!!!!!

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  16. Self righteous, hypocritical con man. A JOKE that they’re bringing him back. Seriously.

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  17. Russ

    The graphic would be perfect if it also said “asshole”.

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  18. classiccitycanine

    I know I am part of the demographic that refuses to watch the Fox pregame show BECAUSE Meyer is on there.