Coming back for more

A couple of interesting points here:

First, and the obvious point of the tweet, there is plenty of returning production at the receiving spot — and that doesn’t take into account the intriguing possibilities presented with the tight end room.

Second, though, it’s pretty clear that AD Mitchell has room to improve.  I’d like to think there’s a good chance he’s a solid candidate for the second-year bounce.

All that is to say they’re going to survive Burton’s departure just fine.



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12 responses to “Coming back for more

  1. theoriginalspike

    All good stuff! I never did see or read why Burton left. Seems like he had plenty of playing time.


    • Ran A

      Georgia spreads the ball out on offense a lot more than Bama does. The Tide has consistently now relied on a couple of key WR, a RB and a descent TE. Yeah, they do hit the other guys on occasion, but they design things around key guys and go from there.

      That’s the plan they have for this year as well. Gibbs is the Running Game and the RB for receptions out of the backfield. Burton + whoever steps up over there for the other slot.

      They have last years Heisman Trophy winner at QB, who has pin point accuracy and is evasive enough to give his guys times.

      That’s their plan:

      The flip side is a Georgia offense that features at least two backs, at least two and sometimes three tight ends, along with a solid group of receivers, including getting Blalock back, after pretty much missing all of last year. He would have gotten plenty of touches, but nothing to guarantee a 1,000 yard season – so he bolted. Reasoning is sound and I’m sure there was a nice bump in NIL $ to help soften the blow of leaving his teammates and enjoying the glow of Georgia’s 1st Natty in 40 years.

      My guess? It will work out fine for him and it will work out fine for Georgia. Losing Burton going into this year was the equivalent of losing J Johnson to FSU last year. Talented and you really hate to see him go, but it happens to be at a position that Georgia is better than people think.

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    • JoeDashDawg

      I think everything Ran wrote above is spot on, but seems like Burton is always looking for a better situation – he attended several different high schools and flipped his commitment at least once. I guess in today’s college football this isn’t that out of the ordinary. Insert “old man yells at cloud” image here I guess. I don’t think we’d be talking about this much at all if he went anywhere else. Part of me wonders if this is just a recruiting tactic on Saban’s part.

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  2. MGW

    Looks like our underneath guys are right about what you hope for; better than average hands and yards after the catch. Long as we can threaten deep, it’s a rock solid receiving corps.


  3. archiecreek

    Let’s see if he can stay healthy with the increased workload.
    You can’t help the club if you’re in the tub.
    Ask the gumps if Mookie and Wilson helped them win a natty in 2021 while they were in the tub.

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  4. Clayton Joiner

    AD had a lot of drops last season…just not when we needed him most! Definitely room for improvement there


  5. I have to add that I think the two seniors in K-Jackson and Dom Blaylock are going to be a part of this season in a big way. I just think their leadership alone is HUGE and that they may not make a bunch of plays, but the ones they do will be meaningful and endearing. (yes i have on my red/black colored glasses and i have a fresh brew of the Kool Aid. Go dawgs.

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    • I’m really excited about Blalock and hope he stays healthy this season. People outside of the Georgia fanbase forget he was highly rated out of high school (Top 5 WR right behind Pickens) and was productive his first season before the injury setbacks. If he stays healthy I think he has a great season.

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  6. flydawg

    I have a very good source that is saying
    AD Mitchell has taken his game to another level

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  7. Gaskilldawg

    Good to hear. AD showed talent. It appeared to my ignorant eyes that his biggest problems last year were drops due to lack of focus and sometimes being outmuscled by upperclassmen DBs.
    The S & C and natural growth can help the latter and your info gives me conas to the former.
    Blaylock has persevered when it must have been difficult to do so. The references to Metchie as “Mookie ” in comments is ironic since Mookie Blaylock is his Father.


  8. 123 Fake St

    Dear Todd Monken,

    Please employ the bunch formation at least 15 times per game. I don’t care who you trot out there as long as two of our TE studs are there. Preferably all three.

    Excited Dawg Fan