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SP+ luvs the SEC

Dang, Bill Connelly ($$).

That’s half the conference — including a seven-win Arkansas! — in the top 14 nationally.  The entire SEC West is in the top 28.  The entire conference, except for Vanderbilt, is in the top 50.

That is one tough neighborhood.



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Could’a been a contenduh (again)

Interesting note about Jake Fromm ($$):

Interestingly, Fromm said he was “fully aware” that Todd Monken was coming aboard as the new offensive coordinator, even though it was announced after Fromm left. Fromm said he knew Monken’s reputation and that he would do good things with the offense, but Fromm was far down the road with his NFL decision, and it wasn’t enough to make him change his mind.

He told Seth Emerson he has no regrets about his decision to go early, but I wonder what he tells himself privately.  I also wonder how the 2020 season would have gone if Fromm had stuck around.  We’ll never know.


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Getting in that YPP mood

Josh made something for y’all.

It’s not hard to see why the Dawgs are favored to run the regular season table.


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Monday ticket exchange

This was a surprisingly popular GTP feature, judging from the number of email requests I’ve received about hosting it again in 2022.  So, let’s bring it back in time for the opener.  Here’s a reminder of the house rules for using the comments section for this:

  1. Identify your purpose up front.  Start your comment with LOOKING TO BUY, LOOKING TO SELL or LOOKING TO TRADE to save the readers time.
  2. Next, tell us what you’re looking for or offering, location-wise.
  3. Don’t forget to talk money.
  4. Provide contact logistics.

Also, as I’ve noted before, the blog is here merely as an accommodation; I haven’t vetted offers and have no intention of doing so. Please remember you’re dealing with your fellow Dawgs and behave accordingly. Thanks and happy dealings!


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2022 Fabris Pool

I just emailed the invite for this year’s pick ’em.

If you don’t receive it, click here to sign up.


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