2022 Fabris Pool

I just emailed the invite for this year’s pick ’em.

If you don’t receive it, click here to sign up.


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24 responses to “2022 Fabris Pool

  1. All this does every year is remind me why I’m not a professional sports gambler.

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    • … or an amateur sports gambler.

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    • Other thing it always reminds me is how dang good the handicappers are. Every year, winning percentage is usually around 55% for the season, the worst percentage is usually around 45%. Perfect distribution for both a mean and median of right at 50/50, which is where they want to be. Sure they miss bad on an individual game here and there, but their body of work throughout the season is darn near flawless.

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      • Rev, those buildings in Vegas aren’t built with the money of winners. That’s what I try to remember every time I venture into southern Nevada. Especially with access to the analytics they have now, there’s really no excuse for when they really screw it up.

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  2. The link takes me to the site, but I get an error message. Same issue on PC or android phone.

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  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Not seeing it.

    What’s the pool name/password?


  4. I didn’t receive the email and can not get the pool to come up either.


  5. carolinadawg

    Same here. No email and I also get the error.


  6. This is the name I typed in. Is this correct?

    The 2022 Fabris Invitational CFB Pool


  7. Biggen

    Didn’t get the email either but was able to log into the pool site and see I had a invite and joined that way.


  8. DawgFlan

    Sure, why not. The humiliation I get at home and work just isn’t enough sometimes. 🙂

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