Could’a been a contenduh (again)

Interesting note about Jake Fromm ($$):

Interestingly, Fromm said he was “fully aware” that Todd Monken was coming aboard as the new offensive coordinator, even though it was announced after Fromm left. Fromm said he knew Monken’s reputation and that he would do good things with the offense, but Fromm was far down the road with his NFL decision, and it wasn’t enough to make him change his mind.

He told Seth Emerson he has no regrets about his decision to go early, but I wonder what he tells himself privately.  I also wonder how the 2020 season would have gone if Fromm had stuck around.  We’ll never know.


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  1. towniedawg

    This is the opposite of dawg porn.


  2. Biggen

    Looking back, I don’t think it would have hurt his professional career to stick around. I guess injuries could have derailed him but the odds of that are fairly low for a pocket style QB.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Well, he has now completely undercut not only his ultimate decision, but his ability to even make a cogent decision. As for him having no regrets, that is obvious b.s.

    It sounds like he allowed himself to either be butthurt about the halftime response to the Kentucky game or allowed his mom, who definitely was butthurt about that and other things, to influence his decision without realizing it wasn’t about him as much as it was about Coley.

    A guy who leaves after his worst year, but then tells you he knew a new OC was coming who could have helped fix his game and got him drafted higher than he was is full of crap when he tells you he still feels like he made the right decision.

    Admitting you made a mistake, living with the consequences of the mistake you made, and being committed to learn from your mistakes is a sign of strength, not weakness. Saying that you believe you made the right decision or would make the same decision again shows in incapacity to learn from your mistakes.

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  4. Just reading between the lines, but I think the real reason he left early was that he was tired of being the one to blame for the Fields transfer. I’m embarrassed that some of our “fans” said some of the things about Fromm on social media in the wake of an almost national championship (that wasn’t his fault) and 2 more SEC championship game appearances (one of which he played well in).

    I still think he made a mistake to leave especially if he knew Monken was coming in to be the offensive coordinator.

    Good luck, Jake. DGD.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

      There is also that. He and his family definitely internalized a lot of that, too. I was thinking just about the boos raining down on the team at halftime of the Kentucky game… I knew that didn’t sit well with Fromm and his family. Again however, that was far more about Coley than the guys on the field.


      • That was definitely about the coaches but the players take it personally. All I can think about is how much it rained that entire day.

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        • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

          Raining water, boos, and booze.

          Not a particularly good day for the Dawgs, coaches, players, and fans, and we still got the win.

          Man… that 2019 season, even though we managed to go 11-1 in the regular season, felt like that 2015 final Richt year to me. SEC Teams that year other than LSU were not very good so our schedule was soft as charmin, and we blew that game vs. Sakerlina in the worst possible way.

          Just like the 2015 season is the worst 10-win regular season we’ve ever had, the 2019 season will go down as the worst 11-win regular season we’ve ever had.

          Now, those are some first world CFB problems fans of Tier-3 teams like Pitt or NC State or even a top Tier 2 program like Wisconsin would love to have. I realize how lucky that makes us since Mark Richt put us back on the path to Tier-1 status, and Kirby fully staking our claim as such. However, it still is what it is.

          A lot of people here and on message boards have made a lot of our problems in 2019 all about Jake, and I’ve definitely been what can be described as a “Fromm Apologist.” My position is, when it’s CFB, first blame the coach and only blame a player as a last resort. Given that, if Fromm is still not willing to admit his mistake in hindsight out of ego or some other character flaw, well, then maybe he does deserve to shoulder more of the blame for 2019 than I have ever been willing to admit.

          I will say this, I blamed Kirby for him leaving early, but that’s done. That’s 100% on the Jake Fromm if he knew Monken was coming and he still left. He compounded one bad decision with an even worse decision not to change course. With Fromm running Monken’s offense in 2020, I think we stand a good chance to beat Bama in the regular season, and we definitely beat Florida. Given that, perhaps we are now celebrating two titles in a row. I don’t know; that Bama team was STRONG. And if we win in 2020, do Jordan Davis and Davonte Wyatt stick around for 2021? What’s our QB situation look like?

          A lot of what ifs. We’ll never know, and neither will Jake. For all the whining about, “Mookie and Wilson!” that the Gumps do, this is one of the great “What ifs?” in Georgia history, right up there with, “What if Mark Richt doesn’t promote best friend Willie Martinez to DC?” do we win a national title in 2007?


        • Faltering Memory

          I remember the Auburn game where the booing was definitely about the defense, specifically about DB Coach no-clue Ramsey, I have never felt more sympathy for a player than I did for Orantes Grant (sorry if I misspelled). I wanted to climb over the hedges and hug him, It was truly awful.


        • akascuba

          On the field he took the boo’s not Coley which was just wrong. I never heard any fans yelling I blame Coley inside Sanford.

          The always drunk guy several rows down is probably warming up his I blame Bobo rant again for the first three and out.

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      • Harold Miller

        That was one miserable game.

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    • D.N. Nation

      Fromm somehow finding his way into starting for the Giants, only for them to run the same wimp-ass mistake-mitigation “offense” that Coley fapped himself to sleep over at night, was some cruel cruel irony.

      I hope the guy is given a chance, somewhere, somehow, maybe in the XFL, to actually sling the ball one of these days/years.

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    • miltondawg

      The Fields thing was definitely bad for Jake. A situation not of his making, a decision by the coaches that he had no part in, Coley turning out to be incompetent, and compounded by the fact that Fields got the waiver to play in 2019 at Ohio State and absolutely lit it up and finished third in the Heisman, B1G offensive player of the year, led OSU to a B1G championship and spot in the playoff. And it wasn’t just Georgia fans that allowed themselves to blame Fromm. Fans of other programs and media all over the country called Kirby a dumbass and said Fromm sucked. And had he not declared he knew he was going to faced another year of comparisons to Fields in 2020. I’d probably want to move on too.

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      • D.N. Nation

        The whole Fromm/Fields debate ended, hilariously, with Stetson Bennett IV winning national championship game MVP.

        (also Fields sucked against Bama. Yeah he was hurt, but what a gutless checkdown-fest.)

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        • akascuba

          Fields was not ready for prime time year one. Against Bama that fake FG was uncovered when Fields lined up. The delayed snap allowed the Bama defenders to cover the open guy ( was it Swift) turning a great shot at a first down into total disaster. Even if the play was as Kirby said open Fromm should have run the play. Jake had to wear the results of that loss too. If that play works his and our history might have had a much happier ending.

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          • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

            As bad as Bama got beat by Clemson, it would have been just as bad for us. Dabo’s team was absolutely loaded on the lines and at QB, WR, and RB.

            Brent Venables vs. Jim Chaney? Yikes. Do we even score a point?

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          • He’s talking about Fields in the 2020 championship game against Bama.

            Fromm wasn’t on the field for the fake punt. That was Fields.


        • He had broken ribs vs Bama. It might not have mattered, but he almost certainly shouldn’t have been playing.


      • Migraine Boy

        “turning out to be”


    • Dawg19

      eethomaswfnc…I think you nailed it.



    A chance to be 4-0 vs UF would have been all I needed to hear…it was not to be.

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  6. D.N. Nation

    Weird career. The guy won the SEC and almost won a natty as a true freshman, and yet the overriding feeling on him from most of the fanbase is “meh.”

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  7. David D

    I have nothing but love for Jake Fromm. This kid was several bad calls and the ultimate blown defensive secondary coverage away from being in the same conversation that Stetson is in. I really wish he had stayed in 2020.

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  8. Derek

    He may have had a great senior season if he stays.

    Either way he was never going to stick in the league.

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  9. bwaredogs

    If he stays, we’re back-to-back national champions and Carson Beck is starting next week vs. Oregon. As well as we played for a half at ‘Bama in 2020 leads me to think we could have won it that year + Fromm could have then used a COVID year in 2021 and taken advantage of NIL to forego the NFL for another year, which would have led to a Bennett transfer. A chance to be 5-0 vs. almost everyone on the schedule would have been exciting to see.

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  10. I was kind of shocked when Fromm announced he was going pro early. W/L aside, I didn’t think his 2019 stats would be enough to blow up the skirts of any NFL scouts, especially with Burrow, Tua, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts declaring that same year. Granted, a lot of that had to do with Coley’s constipated play-not-to-lose offensive scheme, but that just seemed all the more reason for him to give it one more go in a more wide-open system like Monken’s. Maybe he just didn’t want to have to lean a third offense, which I guess I can kind of understand (particularly if, as several other commenters have suggested, he was getting sick of the griping from the fan base). Still a DGD regardless—the 2017 campaign was a blast and that Rose Bowl win will forever be laser-etched into my memory.

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    • aim260

      Certainly the greatest UGA season I’ve witnessed, save for last year obviously. 2007 is close as well.

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    • Texas Dawg

      It was certainly a case of emotion overruling common sense. He could not have picked a much worse year to have entered the draft.

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    • Word on the street was that the Fromm family was pissed at jump with Fields even signing and the whole way it played out in 2018.

      He was gone after 2019 no matter what from what I’ve heard.

      I don’t get the sense there is a whole lot of happy feelings btw his parents and Kirby.


  11. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Forget it Jake. It’s Coley-town.

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  12. theotherdoug

    Maybe Smart told Jake about Monken and that he was going to try and bring in a transfer QB to compete for the starting job.

    I know this thought won’t be popular here, but it would explain why Jake went to the NFL when it was obvious he wasn’t ready and why Smart didn’t try to keep Jake like he did when Fields left.


    • How do you know Kirby didn’t try to convince Fromm to stay? Kirby has said they present the draft information from the scouts and then let the player make his decision.

      I would suspect Jake told Kirby he was tired of being the lightning rod re: Justin Fields.


      • theotherdoug

        I definitely was not in the room when Fromm and Kirby talked.

        I’m just pointing out that Kirby made a big effort to keep Fields and over time that info leaked out, but I haven’t heard anything like that about Fromm.

        Also, I find it hard to believe that Fromm would leave before he was ready because the fans said mean things online. He’s gotta be tougher than that.

        It’s more likely that Kirby and his staff prior to Monken were really bad at managing the QB roster. Let this sink in, Fromm, Eason, Fields and Bennett all left early or transferred.

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      • theotherdoug

        Do you remember where Fromm was predicted? In my head he went about where he was predicted, but I could have that wrong.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    If you think Fromm might have regrets, imagine how Jamie Newman feels about foregoing a Monken-coached offense.

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  14. leslie22h

    I always thought Fromm dashed off to the NFL to put some separation between himself and that stupid text exchange regarding gun suppressors and elite white people. It’s reasonable to think he would’ve had a much larger target on his back had he stayed at UGA.


  15. I always heard Jake wanted to get married and that was a huge part of his decision.

    That said, staying one more year would have been a better long term decision for all (assuming no injury).


  16. pedropossum

    Jake’s freshman season was incredible. A few bad play calls, and some really bad refereeing cost us that championship. (Cheney called a good game against Bama in 2017 btw.)
    2019, There were such high hopes for the the offense with Fromm and a good line returning. Those hopes were dashed by some of the worst calling possible by a coordinator not named Shottenheimer. The under achievement of the offense was the source of the angst and Fromm bore the brunt. He never should have. The deficiencies of the offense weren’t his. Memories of Fromm should center on the success in his tenure, and how he helped solidify his recruiting class.

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  17. silvercreekdawg

    I actually get why Jake left. I think he believed three OCs in 3 years was not going to help his development any further and he decided to go pro for (hopefully) some sort of continuity.


  18. Jake walked, so that Stetson could Run.

    So sayeth the Lord.


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  19. Clayton Joiner

    I’m sure part of it was he didn’t want another college OC, but I guarantee you if he knew how good he was he would have stayed…imo


  20. Streit

    Fromm also said that if he would have come back for his senior year in 2020, he probably would have also stayed for the Covid year he would have had in 2021. Would have been interesting to see what Fromm would have done with all the weapons and that defense supporting him.

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  21. jcdawg83

    No matter what his reasoning, Fromm declaring for the draft after his worst season in college was a bad decision.

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