Monday ticket exchange

This was a surprisingly popular GTP feature, judging from the number of email requests I’ve received about hosting it again in 2022.  So, let’s bring it back in time for the opener.  Here’s a reminder of the house rules for using the comments section for this:

  1. Identify your purpose up front.  Start your comment with LOOKING TO BUY, LOOKING TO SELL or LOOKING TO TRADE to save the readers time.
  2. Next, tell us what you’re looking for or offering, location-wise.
  3. Don’t forget to talk money.
  4. Provide contact logistics.

Also, as I’ve noted before, the blog is here merely as an accommodation; I haven’t vetted offers and have no intention of doing so. Please remember you’re dealing with your fellow Dawgs and behave accordingly. Thanks and happy dealings!



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12 responses to “Monday ticket exchange

  1. Granthams Replacement

    Selling – North Deck Parking season pass $250
    PayPal or Venmo
    Text six 7 8 four 8 5 5193


  2. Godawg

    Can’t go to the game?

    The Northeast Georgia Mountains Chapter of the UGA Alumni Chapter is hosting a game watching party at the Historic Ritz Theater in Toccoa, GA.

    Dawgs vs. Ducks, doors open at 2:30. Beer and wine concessions with open carry (in approved container) in the downtown entertainment district. Lots of free parking. We’ll have food trucks and free UGA swag at the Alumni Association tent.

    Come watch on the big screen with 400 of your fellow Dawgs. Never Bark Alone!

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)


    Oregon vs. Georgia
    Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta 3:30pm Saturday 03-Sep-22
    Section 332 (Upper Corner)
    Row 24
    Seats 9, 10, 11, 12

    Asking $160 each. Willing to break them up into 2 x 2, so if you only need two, you can still buy them here. Also, that price is $20 less each than the listing on StubHub. Call it the Bluto Discount.

    Family decided last week (at the last minute, basically) to come into town for Labor Day Weekend, so I’ll be entertaining instead of being entertained by watching the Dawgs beat that ass live.

    Y’all can reach me by email at

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  4. JaxDawg


    4 tickets (good opportunity to get the kids excited about live UGA football!)

    Not picky on exact location, just looking to stay around or under $250 a ticket, and out of the upper deck section if possible.

    Happy to Venmo/or PayPal

    Text or email


  5. sniffer

    I forget if this is weekly post but I’m looking for three tickets for GA-FL. Grandson has reached the age and has grown up in Orlando so being a Dawg has been, how should I say, a nightmare for a teenage boy.


  6. stuartbuckley3

    Selling: Full Season
    Section: 101
    Row: 55
    Seats: 35-36
    Price: $1,370 (my cost including donation).

    I have access to other seats this year and don’t need these.



  7. bulldawg75

    Looking for 14 tickets total to the Georgia/Auburn game. Open to any number that someone is looking to sell. 4 families with kids. Will be all the youngsters first game.


  8. winodawg

    Selling 2 for UGA – Oregon

    Sec. 317
    Row 9, seats 1-2

    Selling as a pair.
    $170 each.

    PayPal or Venmo, friends & family only.