Today, in cutting the cord

Big, if true.

Damn, I would love that.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Man, I saw that headline and then the first line in my email and rushed here because I was so excited that FINALLY someone picked up the Bally Regional Sports channels so I can watch Braves games again.

    So… you know… major letdown. Not your fault, Senator. But four games at once? Cool I guess.

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    • sundiatagaines

      I have no idea how the fact that so many people can’t watch the Braves isn’t a bigger story in the city. I thought there’d be enough outcry to get them picked up on YoutubeTV or Sling by now.


      • biggity ben

        It’s the same in Los Angeles. Most of the city cannot watch Dodger games due to a contract with a cable provider. I couldn’t care less, but lots of to’d Dodger fans here.

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        • practicaldawg

          It’s every regional MLB market. Sinclair ruined MLB viewership when they overpaid for the Fox Sports RSNs and subsequently restricted viewership to the ever-shrinking legacy cable subscriber base. Of course, if you subscribe to a legacy cable provider, you can log in through the Bally app and still see your team in between app freezes.


      • PTC DAWG

        I never miss a Braves game due to my provider.

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  2. DawgStats

    The ESPN Apple TV app allows you to watch 4 ESPN games at same time.

    But I hate streaming. Sometimes you are full 90-120 seconds behind cable – which is 10-17 seconds behind FM

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    • MGW

      Yeah, gotta ignore texts/calls at the end of the game for sure.

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    • miltondawg

      Streaming is going to get better and for one simple reason. There is such a tremendous amount of money being left on the table because truly live, in-game (or in-event) betting can’t happen because of the delay.

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    • 79dawg

      When I am watching games on my porch and a big game is on, the streamers really hate me and I feel bad about ruining it for them….

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    • Biggen

      Yup. I tried it about 5 years ago on PS Vue. I hated it. Trying to text with friends and family was awful because of the delay.

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    • Previously Paul

      First, pay for a gigabit speed connection. Second, buy your own high speed modem/router. Third, hardwire your TV. No wireless. Streaming is wonderful when done correctly. I’ve been doing it for years. Everyone I know who hates streaming is wirelessly connected to crappy equipment. On wireless your TV is competing with 20 or more devices in the average home.

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  3. One of the posters known as Mark

    Usually about this time of year, there’s some conversation here about what the best streaming service is for watching Georgia football. For the last few years, it’s been YouTube TV. I wonder if that’s still the consensus?


    • Doggoned

      I still consider TTYV the best streaming service for sports. The unlimited cloud DVR and channel lineup seal the deal for me. I started years back, when it was a deal for $35 a month. It’s nearly doubled in price, and I’ve left twice but always come back before football season. Hulu runs a distant second, but with quite limited DVR hours.

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  4. MGW

    It’s just that none of them can be most Braves games.

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  5. You’re gonna need a bigger boat…err TV.

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  6. RangerRuss

    I’m a Georgia Football fan. If something else is on before or after? Cool. Maybe I see it maybe I don’t.

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  7. We cut the cord with Dish and now we’re paying for 4 separate streaming services. Some cord cutting. Womp womp.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Cut DISH also, but got Spectrum cable with only one dvr. One TV with cable is fine for us these days, and Spectrum streaming app works pretty good if you know how to find what you want. I am a little concerned about football this fall. I have 2 ESPN channels, plus SEC network (plus Bally for you Braves fans), and I think FS1, so I think I am going to be okay. Wondering if anyone else has Spectrum and has advice about football coverage. The YTTV seems nice if you have gigabit internet. If it can be used on any TV it might be okay if I can get higher speed internet.


  8. SoCalDawg

    Absolutely will love this. This blog helped push me to YTTV about 4 years ago and despite the changing landscape, I’ve been pleased, especially with the sports coverage (in spite of above noted live delay). With this new development, I can stop the weekly “Saturday Migration of Screens” as my better half calls it. . .

    Side note: I have to use MLB sub to see the Bravos anyhow, so the Bally move hasn’t affected me as much. The LA Kings OTOH have made it difficult to view their games w/o local Bally sports pkg. So totaNow pushing to “Bally+” this season.


  9. waterswv

    Steaming is only as good as your internet. The only glitches YouTube tv has had for me to this point is during the World Cup final 4 years ago. And with their 4K streams of the premiere league, but I’m pretty sure that’s due to NBCs feed and not YTTV.

    I stream multiple devices to watch games now and had no issues the last 2 seasons.

    I have a gigabit line installed and my main tv is hardwired with an appleTV

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    • Illini84

      Eggzactly, YTTV works great for me because I have fiber and google mesh throughout the house. My wife was in the bedroom and screamed when Ringo picked off the pass and I was about 30 seconds behind but BFFD.

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  10. PTC DAWG

    Dawgs are never on 4 channels.

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  11. 69Dawg

    I heard a rumor that the Texas Alabama game was going to be on the Longhorn Network. There will be a lot of pissed off Bama fans if that is true.

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  12. I tried cord cutting when we moved homes a couple of years ago and hated it (tried YTTV and Hulu). I don’t love Xfinity’s price, but the reliability of the service is what did it for me.

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  13. Hobnail_Boot

    YTV has been a Godsend.

    This would make it bulletproof.


  14. pansythedawg

    The SEC needs to mandate that whoever broadcasts their game does so in 1080p at the least! And 4k major bowl games!


  15. Big game on big screen. Other stuff on my iPad next to me. Phone available for texting and commenting on GTP. Not too many instances of 4 compelling sports on at same time, especially since golf and NASCAR have gone off the deep end.


  16. I’ve tried multiple streaming services over the years (PSVue, DirecTV, Fubo, etc.) and found that YTTV was the best and easiest to manage from a user perspective. Not having the RSN’s isn’t that huge a dealbreaker to me, but if they would only get a damn deal with the Tennis Channel I would go back to them in a heartbeat.