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A fan base, if you can keep it

I like Andy Staples, but this hits me like a giant whiff:

First off, what’s with this “two leagues understand” BS?  Last time I looked, it was Greg Sankey advocating a twelve-team CFP and Kevin Warren joining with his Alliance buds to shut that down.

Thanks for making me defend somebody’s playoff expansion stance, Andy.

Secondly, though, and more seriously, what Andy sees as a potential bug is embraced as a feature by ESPN, Fox and their broadcast partners.  For them, abandoning regional passions in pursuit of a more general national fan is the path to greater profit.  And the writing’s been on the wall for that for a few years now.  I don’t get why this is something the SEC and Big Ten need to be warned about like it’s a new danger.  Or even why it’s their responsibility to do something about it.



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Next man up?

Seth Emerson ($$) explores the question of whether Andrew Paul’s unfortunate ACL injury will have any affect on Todd Monken’s playcalling this season.

Andrew Paul was not going to be one of Georgia’s top three tailbacks to start the season, but he had a chance to be the fourth, and at a minimum, he was one of five scholarship tailbacks on Georgia’s roster. Now that he will miss the season with an ACL injury, sustained in Saturday’s second scrimmage, Georgia only has four on scholarship at a position that’s already a constant injury risk.

Meanwhile, how many tight ends does Georgia have? Oh, that’s right: Six, three of them potential game-changers, and that may be underplaying it. That’s a group that’s elite and deep.

The wide receivers, meanwhile, may not be elite, but with AD Mitchell, Dominick Blaylock and others, they can be pretty good too, and even after Arian Smith’s ankle injury, there are nine others on scholarship.

As they say, you do the math: Four tailbacks, six tight ends, nine receivers.

So, yeah, maybe, math may be involved.  But, as he goes on to note, this is still Kirby Smart’s team, which means Georgia is still wedded to running the ball.  (Not to mention Monken said something similar at his last presser.)  Also, as Seth points out, Georgia’s passing game is built on play action, which means you’ve got to establish the threat of the run in order to sell play action effectively.

There are trends with Monken’s passing game that were established last season and I would expect that whatever evolution we see in that regard in ’22 will be more about Monken continuing to develop his overall options — tight ends, anyone? — than about a particular injury.


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“The more I work at it, the better I feel. It’s been a pretty good fall.”

Here’s hoping Tate Ratledge stays healthy enough to contribute this season.  Not just because he’s a big, talented guard, either.

“In high school, I wasn’t allowed to have long hair,” Ratledge said. “Private school—it couldn’t touch the collar. Then got to college and I said, ‘I’m going to do something with this.’ Had like a six month awkward phase. Here it is now. I see it as I’m too far into it to cut it now.”

Ratledge said the mullet will stay for the whole season.

Commit to the mullet!


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Join the club

Jeez , Georgia now has three — count ’em, three — collectives:

There’s another avenue for Georgia fans to support Bulldog football players in the NIL era.

The Athens NIL Club launched on Tuesday. The collective will financially support at least 75 players who wear the red and black and will share proceeds equally among them.

There’s a $50,000 monthly goal, according to its website. Fan subscriptions generate revenue for the players. The platform is owned and operated by Atlanta-based technology company YOKE and a $5 monthly commitment is required for access.

Member benefits include an online paywalled community, members only video calls with players, content including players discussing games, matchups and practice updates (we’ll see how that part flies inside the program).

Too much, or not enough?


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