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UGA, cradle of quarterbacks

This is a little unusual…

Nice touch there with the Stetson reference, Seth.



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Troubled times in Columbia

Jeebus, they’re still at it with this crap?

“South Carolina’s legal team”?  Bet they never learned about chicken names in law school.


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Happy anniversary!

This aged incredibly well.


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Scott Stricklin’s just sayin’.

Shots fired by Florida’s AD:

MB: At SEC Media Days a few weeks ago, Georgia coach Kirby Smart once again talked about wanting to move the Florida-Georgia game out of Jacksonville and back to campus (for recruiting purposes). What exactly is the status of that game and where do you think it’s going to be played in the future?

SS: “You know, there’s been no formal conversations about moving the game. My counterpart at the University of Georgia (athletic director Josh Brooks) seems committed to keeping the game in Jacksonville based on our conversations. Because of the tradition and the fact that the schools benefit financially from having the game in Jacksonville, I would be surprised if it’s ever moved. But, obviously, Coach Smart is coming off a national championship and his voice is listened to by a lot of people in Athens. I get the sense there’s a couple of media people in Georgia who are driving this narrative because you’re the first Florida media person who has even asked me this question. Typically, I get that question from one or two particular Georgia media types. I don’t know how much of a story this really is other than obviously Coach Smart brings it up from time to time. Honestly, I don’t know how much of a priority (moving the game) is for Georgia. You know, Georgia has scheduled other neutral site games each of the last two or three years. If it were really that big of a priority, I would think they would just be going away from all neutral site games, but they don’t appear to be doing that.” [Emphasis added.]

Has anyone checked on Mike Griffith?  Kinda worried about him now…

(h/t Seth Emerson)


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