Happy anniversary!

This aged incredibly well.


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22 responses to “Happy anniversary!

  1. The Truth

    Historic. In less than a year it was his-tor-ee.

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  2. godawgs1701

    They misspelled “hysterical.”

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  3. MGW

    Bout as historic as the fart I just ripped.

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  4. David Chadwick

    Alliance. Lol. That was one strong handshake agreement.

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    • Down Island Way

      You say it’s your birthday
      It’s my birthday too, yeah
      They say it’s your birthday
      We’re gonna have a good time….


  5. And that’s why you don’t do biz conferences in Vegas. “I love you Man!” “No, I love you guys!” “Hey, there’s the Elvis chapel. You thinking what I’m thinking?”

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  6. Migraine Boy

    Guys, I have a random question that is bothering me – what was the name of the nastly giant of a lineman who seemingly was called for 4-5 penalities a game? There was a great picture of him against LSU in SI where he was clotheslining one of thier dudes and had another in a headlock


  7. uga97

    41 schools! ……er we meant 16

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  8. Faltering Memory

    Shuffle the deck and the dealer will take no more schools.

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  9. Turned out the B1G was “allied” with the other two the same way I was “allied” with the cheeseburger I had for dinner last night.


  10. Once Kevin Warren got his way in his temper tantrum over Texas & Oklahoma, the Alliance lost its purpose.

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  11. SenorLorenzo

    Not in defense of Griffith and his seeming obsession, but as many times as he and the WLOCP is also ranted about on this very blog, an old adage comes to mind, “don’t get into an argument with a fool. Someone looking in from the outside might not be able to tell who is who.”

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  12. 93dawg

    Today, the Big Ten announced an historic “FUMF” to @theACC and @pac12 that will bring 2 former @pac12 institutions into the Big Ten to increase the collective pocketbook size of the Big Ten.