Scott Stricklin’s just sayin’.

Shots fired by Florida’s AD:

MB: At SEC Media Days a few weeks ago, Georgia coach Kirby Smart once again talked about wanting to move the Florida-Georgia game out of Jacksonville and back to campus (for recruiting purposes). What exactly is the status of that game and where do you think it’s going to be played in the future?

SS: “You know, there’s been no formal conversations about moving the game. My counterpart at the University of Georgia (athletic director Josh Brooks) seems committed to keeping the game in Jacksonville based on our conversations. Because of the tradition and the fact that the schools benefit financially from having the game in Jacksonville, I would be surprised if it’s ever moved. But, obviously, Coach Smart is coming off a national championship and his voice is listened to by a lot of people in Athens. I get the sense there’s a couple of media people in Georgia who are driving this narrative because you’re the first Florida media person who has even asked me this question. Typically, I get that question from one or two particular Georgia media types. I don’t know how much of a story this really is other than obviously Coach Smart brings it up from time to time. Honestly, I don’t know how much of a priority (moving the game) is for Georgia. You know, Georgia has scheduled other neutral site games each of the last two or three years. If it were really that big of a priority, I would think they would just be going away from all neutral site games, but they don’t appear to be doing that.” [Emphasis added.]

Has anyone checked on Mike Griffith?  Kinda worried about him now…

(h/t Seth Emerson)


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48 responses to “Scott Stricklin’s just sayin’.

  1. stoopnagle

    Poor Mike Griffith. Just a walking punch line.

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  2. godawgs1701

    I wasn’t convinced that Scott Stricklin could figure out the obvious, given his insistence that Dan Mullen was the right guy to lead Florida’s football program. But I guess even he can figure out that there are two people in this state with much influence who want the Cocktail Party moved: Kirby Smart and Mike Griffith. It’s only an obsession, though, for one or them.

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  3. Kirby seems to be the lone voice with any influence crying in the wilderness. Unless he finds a way to get all of the big donors on his side, it feels like this argument is all but done. If the city continues to make it financially advantageous to host the game, the Cocktail Party will remain the Cocktail Party.

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    • godawgs1701

      Agreed. If the city continues to make it financially advantageous, and if Georgia continues to recruit at an elite level the game will stay in Jacksonville. If you keep yelling that the sky is falling and it never actually falls, it’s kinda hard to get people to fall in line behind you.

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      • Down Island Way

        Is CKS sounding his opinion about the sky falling, don’t know if this about getting donors in line, hell, this might be CKS saying to the city of jax, “If you want UGA to play, you’re gonna’ have to pay”….#WTFDIK

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  4. Mike Griffith should go report for the Big 10 – he would be a perfect fit for their whining bases. He reminds me of an AJC reporter- always trying to get attention by saying something stupid or controversial.

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  5. As far as the Jacksonville game. I have always liked it being from Savannah. Keep the game and fix the recruiting issues. But I’m guessing it might change when Texas and Oklahoma join and they change the format – who knows – whatever they decide the one thing I know for sure it will be about the money and not what’s good for the kids or the game.

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    • jim1886

      Agree and the SEC can fix the recruiting issue.
      Do not need the NCAA

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    • Tony BarnFart

      I know you’re not saying this, but your comment made me think that the biggest mistake we could EVER make would be to end the cocktail party while newly admitted TX-OU retain the Red River Rivalry under their new more prestigious SEC logo.

      Talk about just giving handouts to programs that needed none.

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  6. jim1886

    With the money that Kirby has brought into UGA, Jacksonville is just a drop in the bucket.
    Screw Strickland and tge horse he road in on.
    Who cares what Florida thinks.
    I go with Kirby.

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  7. 86bone

    Well, I know one thing for sure…
    A snake can’t straddle a log

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  8. RangerRuss

    I’m thinking how nice it is that moving a game’s location is one of our biggest concerns. Hell, we could be Florida.
    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  9. uga97

    Scott’s right, we keep scheduling Neutral Site games allright via he SEC champ, CFP Semi Finals & the Natty, by first kicking his team’s ass but i digress.. Scott, nice diversion away from an opportunity to mention exploring a home & home game, but by turning all the focus away from your own responsibilities as an AD to your program. “Oh its all about UGA, Kirby & their media….” He loves it in Jax, and all the state tax revenue from the game stays in FLA, plus it’s a convenient 1 hour drive to/from Jortstown to the game. What a weak ass answer.

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    • PTC DAWG

      Clemson (2), Oregon games…any of those ring a bell?

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    • Kirby has had 3 neutral site openers in his career at UGA, and has played two straight while simultaneously amping up the bitching about Jacksonville.

      His complaining about Jacksonville specifically hit new heights this summer while he’s been prepping to play Oregon at, wait for it… a neutral site of his own volition. That doesn’t strike you as the slightest bit hypocritical?

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  10. aim260

    Hey, Mike Griffith… FYMF

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  11. Russ

    Damn, when a gator is pointing out the obvious, you know it’s a weak argument to move the game.

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  12. Harold Miller

    I was discussing this very topic with a good friend yesterday. We were speculating around, negotiating with the city for them to build a “Recruiting Lounge” for the stadium that could be used by the skybox folks around Jaguar’s games. Would it be allowed to fly recruits back to Athens after the game or Sunday morning and have them tour the facilities then? I feel like every other year we would really have something to sell. I would think it would be in the SEC’s best interest as they are going to own both of these games soon.


  13. row105

    These comments sent me looking up Mike Griffith. I just love
    f—ing Yankees coming down here and lecturing us on “traditions” and “business models”. He is just a KIrby Smart butt sniffer. He is somehow startled that the fans, “aka the one who pay Kirby’s and his salary , are angry with his ill informed and some what illiterate position on the JAX game. Go take your COVID ridden ass back to Michigan State and cover they’re traditions that change based on nothing and their State’s auto industry business models.
    If he is saying Kirby has earned the right to be presumed correct, fine, but Kirby did not graduated with a 4.0 GPA and on this subject….going home and home…. he is just wrong. Fix the recruiting issues and let the tradition stand …..too much fun, too many memories, too many people plan their early winter vacation around this game. I went to the home and home around the Olympics…..they sucked. Hogtown will disappoint you as a destination….every f—ing time. Unless you’re fresh water scuba diving that part of FLA is just an impediment to getting to the beach.
    I believe in Kirby’s system but he, like all of us, is not perfect and on this controversy/subject he is either just posturing for negotiation purposes(which I hope is true) or he does know what the word tradition really means. Shit, I think I’m really to Amelia Island now and just wait on the game to get here.

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  14. mg4life0331

    If you beat that horse enough, it just might die again.

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  15. Don’t we need that NIL money?


  16. SenorLorenzo

    Not in defense of Griffith and what seems to be his obsession, but as many times as he and the WLOCP is also ranted about on this very blog, an old adage comes to mind, “don’t get into an argument with a fool. Someone looking in from the outside might not be able to tell who is who.”


  17. TripleB

    He might be right, but I don’t like hearing shit about our program or coach from any of them assholes.