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Your game day post, Week Zero edition

There’s college football today!  Yay!

Did I mention there’s college football today?  Here’s the slate of games:

There’s something for everybody there, from a full-blown conference meeting between Nebraska and Northwestern, to some very late night Hawai’i action (if nothing else, Vanderbilt gets a nice trip out of it).

What catches your eye there, or is it simply a case of being satisfied there’s college football again?



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A little Oregon talk

Via Seth Emerson ($$), here’s a little something to get us started on the opener:

Maybe “wide” is too strong. Oregon has some dudes: Linebackers Noah Sewell and Justin Flowe were players Lanning tried to get to Georgia, and the Ducks recruited well the past of couple years under Cristobal, whose classes ranked sixth (2021), 12th (2020), seventh (2019) and 13th (2018).

That’s still not at Georgia territory: top 4 each of the past six years. And the quarterback spot would seem a wide advantage: national championship-winning QB versus Bo Nix, who is 0-3 against Georgia.

But Oregon has a chance to match up well in a couple of key places: Its offensive line is more experienced than Georgia’s defensive line (although that group still has Jalen Carter), and Oregon has speed at receiver (recruited by McClendon) going against a Georgia secondary that is working in a new cornerback and doesn’t have Lewis Cine at safety anymore.

Oregon is overall good physically: Cristobal wanted to build Oregon that way, the same way Smart built Georgia, and the Ducks also have defensive end Brandon Dorlus, who was a first-team All-Pac 12 selection. The matchup there with Georgia’s experienced tackles will be interesting.

Bottom line, Georgia is heavily favored for a reason: It is more talented, has more proven coaches and is essentially playing at home.

Not gonna lie to you — the spread seems a little generous to me.  As Seth mentions, Cristobal recruited well during his tenure.  While the Ducks aren’t as deep as the Dawgs, they’ve definitely got some talent.  That being said, if you’ve got to chase Bo Nix as a transfer…


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Sympathy for the devil

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

Yep, that’s a Tennessee athletic director calling Auburn “a crazy situation”.  (Not that he’s wrong about that.)  What a time to be alive!


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