A little Oregon talk

Via Seth Emerson ($$), here’s a little something to get us started on the opener:

Maybe “wide” is too strong. Oregon has some dudes: Linebackers Noah Sewell and Justin Flowe were players Lanning tried to get to Georgia, and the Ducks recruited well the past of couple years under Cristobal, whose classes ranked sixth (2021), 12th (2020), seventh (2019) and 13th (2018).

That’s still not at Georgia territory: top 4 each of the past six years. And the quarterback spot would seem a wide advantage: national championship-winning QB versus Bo Nix, who is 0-3 against Georgia.

But Oregon has a chance to match up well in a couple of key places: Its offensive line is more experienced than Georgia’s defensive line (although that group still has Jalen Carter), and Oregon has speed at receiver (recruited by McClendon) going against a Georgia secondary that is working in a new cornerback and doesn’t have Lewis Cine at safety anymore.

Oregon is overall good physically: Cristobal wanted to build Oregon that way, the same way Smart built Georgia, and the Ducks also have defensive end Brandon Dorlus, who was a first-team All-Pac 12 selection. The matchup there with Georgia’s experienced tackles will be interesting.

Bottom line, Georgia is heavily favored for a reason: It is more talented, has more proven coaches and is essentially playing at home.

Not gonna lie to you — the spread seems a little generous to me.  As Seth mentions, Cristobal recruited well during his tenure.  While the Ducks aren’t as deep as the Dawgs, they’ve definitely got some talent.  That being said, if you’ve got to chase Bo Nix as a transfer…



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  1. dawg100

    Sewell and Flowe are legit, for sure. Many others are as well. The question often cones down to 2nd and 4th quarter stamina and depth. I think it does so again next week.

    Could the dome be open? That would be an advantage.


  2. Duck those motherduckers!

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  3. Texas Dawg

    I expect a close game for the first couple of quarters. After that, the DAWGS superior depth and talent will take over and they will slowly and steadily pull away.

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  4. SlobberKnocker

    Seth also mentions in that article that BMac being at Oregon the last two years is a counter to the narrative about Lanning being here. I think that’s a very good point.


    • otto1980

      The game has some sub plots and ties, you would not think of at first glance. Oregon isn’t the go fast team of 10 years. They are trying to play tougher.

      I am still surprised they tuck Nix, I don’t believe he or his dad were that good.

      I think the game is a bot closer than we like. Hopefully not as close as last year’s neutral site opener. A close opener would not be be the worst thing for team development.


  5. gastr1

    i know Seth predicts the 1000-yard pass receiver will be a myth, but I wonder. The offense may have to produce more this year because the defense won’t likely be as stifling. The lack of depth at RB has already been noted. Seems like the starters playing more into the 4th quarter and needing to pass more in general could result in a substantial increase in passing yards.

    I mean, if I were Bennett and had basically nothing to prove other than that he can throw the ball all over anyone he wants, I’d be trying to throw the ball all over anyone I want.

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  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “…the spread seems a little generous to me…”

    It does to me, too. But then again all spreads in our favor seem generous to me at the beginning of a new season.We expect the Dawgs to be pretty good just on talent, but a lot of things go into winning games that we don’t know about yet. I usually feel better about being able to predict after 4-5 games. But right now I’m just hoping Las Vegas knows what they are doing.

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  7. armydawg

    Forget the receivers. I truly feel that our running backs will be the difference in this game. I’ll take Milton, McIntosh and Edwards for the win.

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  8. SouthsideDawg

    Gonna be tough on the quacks when the mailman hangs 40+ points on ’em. Go Dawgs!


    • Biggen

      This is it right here. We gave up an average of 9 points a game last season. Even if this year’s team gives up an average of double that, not many teams are going to hold our offense to under 35 points. It just isn’t going to happen with the weapons we have on offense. So you better score 35+ if you want to beat UGA this year. My .02¢ anyway…

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  9. vectordawg

    Did Lanning recruit Nix or was Nix headed there first?

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  10. Russ

    I’ve said all along the spread is too much. First game conservatism will keep it lower scoring and Kirby’s not going to embarrass Lanning. I think we win by 10-14 in a game that doesn’t feel that close.

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    • Down Island Way

      The ducks are a first year team, with a first year HC, with first year staff (with all due respect), it’s cool they got seniors, they get to travel cross country for football learning experience and they got green uniforms that are worse than big urnge kuntry culours on my big screen…send ’em back west with an “L”…GO DAWGS!


      • originaluglydawg

        “worse than big urnge kuntry culours” ?
        Great post, DIW.
        But that’s going too far.
        FT hillbilly MF with great prejudice.


      • Fresh air in Oregon and ability to breath in with no humidity or inhale a mouthful of moths has allowed those green uni’s to go into places like The Shoe (another neutral site game) and take away a W. Points on depth are well taken. But no one but Bama (2011 & 2012) has won back to back national championships in 25 years. Smart does not want to destroy Lanning, and the game will come down to turnovers as much as depth. If Nix can not be Nix and controls the ball and Georgia turns it over a couple of times it could be interesting.


    • californiadawg

      “Kirby is not going to embarrass Lanning.” People say this and you might not be wrong but we blew out a team with the most likable coach in Pittman last year. I think beating the ever-living shit out of the duck and making a statement on a big stage week one is the goal.

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  11. realitycheckhere

    I hope we beat em by 40. 1 point works for me. They look pretty stout


  12. originaluglydawg

    Oregon’s not just coming to ATL to collect a check.
    Dawgs need to hunker down and realize it could go either way.
    The first step to another championship begins with beating the Quackers.

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  13. Biggen

    I commented earlier, but realistically how many points do you think this UGA team will score per game with the weapons we have on hand? 35? 40? 40+?

    Even if our defense gives up a total of 20 per game (which would be double last year’s defense) we are still beating everyone.

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    • moe pritchett

      That’s been my thoughts for a few months.
      Monken can get 40+ppg


    • gurkhadawg

      I think we can score as many points as Kirby wants. The game may very well be close at half, but in the second half the Dawgs will take over and can do pretty much whatever they want. We have way too much quality and depth for the Ducks to hang for 4 quarters.

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  14. practicaldawg

    The narrative on the DL lacking experience has about 2 more weeks of shelf life

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  15. junkyardawg41

    The analogous match up in the PAC-N (as I am unsure how many team officially remain in the PAC) is Utah. Strong with the run, and good against the run. Oregon for sure has some dudes and I am not sure they are tough enough across the board to hold up for 4 quarters.


  16. munsoning

    Oregon is solid. That won’t be nearly enough. Dawgs roll, 42-17.


  17. munsoning

    This season’s OL might be the best in UGA history. I expect them to dominate the LOS. Front 7 on D will do the same if Zion does his job well. He can’t fill JD99’s shoes but he has to make opposing OLs pay for doubling JC88.

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  18. First game vs Ducks, we win 70-0.

    We finish the season 15-0.

    We beat Bama in the SEC title game, 70-0.

    Then rematch for the national title, also 70-0.

    Mark it down.


  19. olddawg22

    Careful Dude, drinking a gallon of kool aide and vodka while doing krystal meth can damage your brain!!!


  20. I defo don’t see a blow out here, I think it will be the classic “close at the half, then depth and physicality moves the needle for the Dawgs in the later quarters.” Lanning knows our defensive personnel better than most and I expect Nix to hit a deep pass or two early on. I think it’s 17-14 at the half, but feel the final is 31-17 or 31-21 Dawgs as we just wear them down and can see our backs feasting in the 4th quarter.