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Pretty, pretty good

This is what comes of an excellent team playing a manageable schedule:



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Burned that sucker to the ground

Whoa.  Who could’a seen that coming?  Well, now that you mention it…

That seems… unfortunate.  How did that happen?

Since November, Hawaii has seen 12 players, including a half-dozen starters and two out of three captains, jump into the transfer portal.

You might think that was driven by players thinking head coach Todd Graham is a dick (to be fair, they’re not the first bunch to feel that way about Graham).

Multiple current and former Hawaii players are speaking out and alleging mistreatment and abuse at the hands of head coach Todd Graham, according to a report from SFGate.com’s Marc Delucchi.

Hawaii players who played under Graham alleged Monday that he is running a toxic program in which he demeans and verbally abuses players and coaches and ignores them completely.

Last week, leading rusher Dae Dae Hunter announced he was transferring, as he felt it was “best for my future and my mental health.” Starting quarterback Chevan Cordeiro followed suit.

“Me and a lot of others can truthfully say Graham has killed our love and passion for football,” one player told SFGate on the condition of anonymity.

Things were so bad, they actually had legislative hearings about it.

We make jokes about Agent Muschamp, but it takes real coaching talent to eviscerate a program to the point where it loses to Vanderbilt by 53 freaking points.  At home.  Todd Graham, I salute you.


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For his next trick, Scott Frost will…

[Narrator’s voice:  Oh, yes they can, Bill.]

Evidently, excessive puking is overrated.


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