Another offensive depth chart projection

What’s striking about Jordan Hill’s post on the subject is how few surprises show up.  If we’re honest about it, the only position with a bit of intrigue is left guard, where he projects Truss narrowly beating out Willock.  The rest of it, any of us could probably put together with a little thought.

To me, that reflects a similar take to what we saw regarding Georgia’s decision to forego transfer portal signees — it’s a sign that the staff is comfortable with the existing roster and player development.  Given their track record, it’s hard to argue with that.


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4 responses to “Another offensive depth chart projection

  1. Skill positions should see a lot of substitutions and playing time for the young pups. Allows Monken to find some breakout stars in the making. Let’s hope we avoid the injury bug, especially at WR.

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  2. Anon

    Fairchild 4th string. No way

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    • David Chadwick

      That got my attention, too. The guard positions are deep and he’s not ready to crack that rotation. He’s got time to make an impact and a good, injury-free 2023 Spring might open a spot for him.


  3. setzer613

    Arik will see a lot of time at split end. He is too tall, fast, strong, and talented not to use at that position in the bubble screen, toss sweep, and anything inside the red zone. I complete mismatch for any defender. He is too strong for corners to man up and attack at the line, and he is too fast and tall for linebackers to keep up with on a dig or drag route.