Random afternoon thought

With all the talk about how familiar Georgia’s and Oregon’s staffs ought to be with each other, does anyone remember that Bo Nix’ position coach last season is now an analyst in Athens?  Gee, I wonder if he has any special insight…


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  1. Bulldawg Bill

    Special insight should do wonders for our hindsight.


  2. Dawgfan1995

    Bo Nix’s freshman game against Georgia ended for him with a sack by Travon Walker. His senior game against Georgia should end with a sack by “Travon Jr.”, Mykel Williams.

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  3. Bobo knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two about how bad Bo is

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  4. toccoadawg

    Now, that is some insight from an unlikely source. File that under you just never know what’s going to bubble up from your drain pipe! Sometimes it might just be that long lost piece of jewelry.

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  5. Biggen

    This “special insight” thing is just talking heads talking. Even if they had both the O and D playbook, would it really matter? When their O/D lines are getting trucked in the trenches, it doesn’t matter if they know it’s a running or passing play.


  6. Bobo to defensive front 7: “Shout ‘Squirrel’ and Bo will start scrambling”

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    • RangerRuss

      Man, I read “squirrel” and popped out of my hole, burned off a thirty round mag, threw a frag grenade and slid back down.
      Those muthafukas.

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      • armydawg

        To that entree I would add a side of M79 with HE rounds.

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        • RangerRuss

          Half my indigenous QRF is sleeping on the couch. The other half is patrolling the woods. Cats are poor support.
          I do miss my 203.


          • rigger92

            Once again, squirrels have stripped my two pecan trees. I shoot about 16 of them every year, doesn’t matter. I can’t figure out how pecan orchards provide any product. I mean, I shoot them all through august (.22 quiet rounds, neighbors tend to call the cops even though it’s legal) with a big scope and decent hit rate at 100 yards but my trees are bare already. Gators and squirrels. Fuck em.


  7. argondawg

    And the passing game coordinator was Bryan Mclendon. I am sure he knows the offensive personnel prety well.

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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Agent Bobo is going to release the kracken that is his intel.

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  9. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I dunno. I hope so. I just know I’m tired of the talk and want to get to the action!


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  10. practicaldawg

    Lack of film and experience with Nix is not on the list of concerns