“I knew pretty much that Kirby wasn’t going to change.”

Marc Weiszer has a good piece up on a subject I had wondered about — Sam Pittman’s take on Dan Lanning going up against his old boss for the first time.  After all, who’s got a better perspective on that?

“It’s hard for him because he doesn’t know his team quite as well maybe even as Georgia’s,” Pittman told the Athens Banner-Herald. “He’s getting to know his team, hasn’t been out there in the battle with them yet, but if it was like me, he’ll have much respect for the players, the coaching staff. Had a lot of friends obviously on Georgia’s staff. He’ll want to do really well, you know? He’s got a good team. There will be some butterflies there.”

The most obvious problem?  Pittman mentions that, too.

“I had been with him for four years so we kind of knew what to expect coming into the game. He would always throw a wrinkle or two into the game. You had to find that out. That was probably the biggest advantage—if there is such a thing–of playing Georgia is that because it was the first game of the year, we pretty much knew what they were going to do. The problem is blocking and tackling the guys on their team.”

Read the whole thing.


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3 responses to ““I knew pretty much that Kirby wasn’t going to change.”

  1. NotMyCrossToBear

    Man I love Pittman. Wish he could have been with us for the Natty.

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  2. Russ

    I’m going to hate losing BMac again but he’s overdue to be a head coach somewhere. Just hope it isn’t down the road at Mark Richt Field.

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