TFW you’re reloading, not rebuilding

Fifteen players gone to the NFL (with five defenders in the first round), one of your top wideouts defecting to Alabama, and this is the worst ESPN can see about your CFP chances:

Not too shabby, Kirbs.


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17 responses to “TFW you’re reloading, not rebuilding

  1. Down Island Way

    Agent Herbsreit is feeling some wood over this blast from the WWL…what, no meeeshigun love


  2. Biggen

    Am I alone in thinking Freeman at ND will be a Taggart level disaster? I have zero confidence in him.

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  3. That top 4 practically means that the loser of the SEC championship must come into Atlanta undefeated. The Greater Anderson Cow College will be either 12-1 or 13-0 if Ukelele improves at QB. Assuming anOSU beats ND this weekend, they are likely 13-0. If OU or Texas is 12-1 as Big 12 champion, they are likely in.


    • Put two losses on any of those you mention and heads will explode over both SEC teams getting in again. They’ll hold Congressional hearings over it and a new playoff format will be installed before the final game is over.

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Notre Dame and tosu play on Saturday. The list is literally hours away from being obsolete.

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  5. TEXBaller

    Thank God college football is back! I guess this is as good a place to release my NATIONAL season ending top 5.
    1) Clemson — dominating defense. DL & LBs will be nasty. There is nobody on their schedule – that includes ND as they will be proven paper tigers. Uiagalelei takes a huge step forward. 13-0.
    2) Texas — 2nd year bump for Sark. Offense will be explosive. Talent everywhere on O. Secret weapon — Gary Patterson, special assistant to head coach. Spending SIGNIFICANT time with the defense. GP has historically turned chicken shit into chicken salad with 3 star talent. 12-1 BIG12 Champs
    3) USC (SouCal) — LOADED offensively. Riley system will continue to flourish. Utah will be their only test. Grinch will work a less than average defensive squad and keep SC in all of its games. I think SC tops Utah and runs the table. 13-0 PAC12 Champs.
    4) Bama — an extremely manageable schedule excluding a trip to Austin next Saturday. I’m not overly impressed with this Saban team. As many have noted here, Bama adding GT & Vandy’esque talent is suspect. A squeaker in SEC title game v Tenn (rematch) gets Bama in. 12-1 SEC Champs.
    5) Tennessee (yr two bounce for Heupel), Georgia (history not on our side), Iowa (16 starters ret off a 10-4 West winning squad), Michigan (will beat OhioSt…..again).

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    • It’s a little early for such hard drinkin Tex. I agree with everything you wrote except for all of your predictions. Don’t think Texas, USC or Clempson see a playoff berth, nor will TN see a rematch with bama.. other than that, right there with ya!

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    • RangerRuss

      I reckon all that could happen, Teeballer. I hope for your sake you limit your betting to small change you find in the couch cushions. You’re seriously underestimating what Kirby is building at UGA.

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  6. practicaldawg

    Philosophical question: if Burton gets hurt in the post season, will he hurt Alabama and UGA equally in 2022?


    • Texas Dawg

      NO, not even close. Like the old joke any surgery you are having is minor surgery, any surgery I’m having is major surgery. UGA could lose their whole starting offense and defense to suspension before the SECCG and ‘Bama fans would say we’re just whining and making excuses. They could lose their long snappah and would swear they would have won except for that tragic loss as they are ALWAYS the better team.