There are goals, then there are goals…

and then there are Coach 404’s goals.

But Collins declined the opportunity Tuesday to publicly pronounce his team capable of making it to six wins and qualifying the Jackets for their first bowl game since 2018…

“Obviously, we have high aspirations, we have high internal goals that we talk about a lot,” Collins said. “But every single day, how we handle our business, how we come into the building, how we come out to practice, how we compete and work every single day and just continue to stack those days throughout the year, and I don’t want to be cliché, but every single day matters, every single game matters.

“And I think our guys have that mindset, that attitude,” Collins continued, “and if we can continue that and work at a high level the right way, then we’ll be able to accomplish the internal goals that we have for ourselves, and that’s what we’re working toward every single day.”

Booch couldn’t have said that better if he tried.  Of course, Geoff does have an actual goal this season — to do enough to avoid the unemployment line.



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26 responses to “There are goals, then there are goals…

  1. Anon

    Honestly he probably wants out of that shithole. Catch on as an assistant someplace and rebuild his career. Or get managers position at lululemon

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  2. Ran A

    He’s lost 6 in a row.
    7 out of his last 8.
    Got be 100-0 in his last 2 games and the sad thing – it could have been worse.
    Lost his (by far) best player to Alabama
    Saw his recruiting class that had gotten as high as 22 end up at 44.
    Lost key members (tech alumni) of his coaching staff to other programs.

    Seems like the first smart thing Collins has done in a while.

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  3. Opelikadawg

    “I don’t want to be cliche.” That ship sailed a while ago, Geoff.

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  4. Harold Miller

    Talent wise you’re an okay AAC team trying to compete in the ACC. I’m going to stick with my 2-10 prediction with the Dawgs facing interim coach in November.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    The masquerade as a P-5 program is all but over for gtu. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if nearby Georgia State outspent them on facilities by a considerable margin.

    Collins is nothing more or less than a reflection of the athletic program, boosters, fan support, etc. at gtu. Maximum bluster, but minimum commitment. Replacing Collins won’t change their trajectory.

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  6. Do you guys realize that he will probably never coach a game in Athens in four years?

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  7. muttleyagain

    If they do somehow manage to qualify for a bowl loss, they always have a shot to add to their storied history: most appearances in bowl games that were only played once; most losses in bowl games that were only played once; most bowl losses to Fresno State; most post-season appearances under interim coaches; and of course all kinds of negative attendance marks.

    Having finally seen another championship for Georgia, I cling to my other dream- to see tech lose to Furman, Mercer, Georgia Southern, or Georgia State in the Wolfman and Donna Bowl. It seems more within reach than ever. But if I don’t live to that glorious day my nephews will carry it on for me. We raised ’em right.

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  8. muttleyagain

    “Pressed further, Collins reluctantly admitted that tech’s internal goals for 2022 are ‘for everyone to play and have fun and no one get hurt’. “

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    • muttleyagain

      Seriously, what would you give to know what those ‘internal goals’ are? Bowl-loss eligibility seems to be off the table, so… what? Spell ’em out for us, Geoff. I double dawg dare ya.

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  9. realitycheckhere

    I’m telling ya we got to do whatever we can to keep that guy there.

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  10. Russ

    Man, it’s got to really suck to be a player on that team. Just zero hope.

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  11. Ran A

    Legit question. Is Georgia Tech the best college team in Atlanta?

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  12. originaluglydawg

    Platitudes are a smokescreen for incompetence.

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  13. Russ

    I’m waiting to hear from Coach 30.

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  14. voxdawg

    “and after the slaughter is over, we’re gonna come back here and ring that victory bell…. Just like we always wanted to.”