The Big 12, exceeding expectations?

I don’t know if you caught this chain of events yesterday, but they’re of interest.

It is possible that the new Big 12 commissioner is a shrewder cat than I expected.  Of course this is the perfect time for his conference to haggle with Mickey.  They’ll never have more leverage trying to squeeze financial concessions out of ESPN than they do right now playing the Okie/Texas card.  That he’s willing to suck in his ego and do what’s best for his conference… well, there’s more than one conference commissioner we can’t say that about.


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6 responses to “The Big 12, exceeding expectations?

  1. This guy may be good. Once again, Staples discussed this on his podcast this morning. This appears to be the next salvo in the war between the Big 12 and Pac 12 to see who is left standing as a “power” conference.

    If he can use Texas and Oklahoma as an enticement to make the media rights package for the reconstituted Big 12 more financially lucrative, he’s doing what’s best for his membership.


  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    i predict ou and ut are in sec next yr and sadly there will be a 12 team playoff in ‘24


    • Down Island Way

      Should UGA football squeeze another trophy into it’s case prior to 2024, those asswipes can expand till the cows come home, could GAS less…(if UGA doesn’t bring home another one, I’m good)…


  3. stoopnagle

    It’s the first real day of games and I have to read about television negotiations and conference realignment.

    Weeping Keith Jackson at the Rose Bowl can I get a fucking break?


  4. JoeDashDawg

    Can someone talk me through the card the big 12 leadership has to play? How does ESPN lose if OK/Tx go to the SEC early? A few CBS games vs Higher payouts for 5-10 years to the Big12? Am I missing something?

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