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That’s how you reload, bitchez.

Todd Monken is a golden god.


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Your season opening, national championship defending, game day post

I think I got everything covered there.

Yes, I will be at the Benz today.  It should be a little warmer than the last time I went to a Georgia game.  But I digress.

I hit the two keys to the game yesterday — (1) can Georgia run the ball successfully and (2) can the defense get pressure on Bo Nix.  With regard to the former, the question left remaining is whether Monken has to use the pass to set up the running game, or not.  The chess match he’ll play with Lanning is going to be a blast to watch, I suspect.

As is the case with any opener, there will be a ton of things to track, but what I’m most curious to see is how much of a contribution Arik Gilbert is ready to make.  It’s kind of funny to see how the attention has focused more on Bowers and Washington of late, but what I saw from him at G-Day, still working himself into game shape, has me excited to see what he’s got.

The spread in the pick ’em is -17.5, which strikes me as being very close to right, which means, whichever side I pick, I’m bound to lose.  That’s why I decided to take one for the team and chose Oregon to cover.  You can thank me later.

Anyway, watch the game and have at it in the comments.  I’ll see you on the other side.



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Your game day post, non-Dawg edition

Good to have you back, college football.

Obviously, Notre Dame at Ohio State is the marquee game of the day, but there are several others I’ll be interested in following, like Cinci-Arky, Utah-Florida and, believe it or not, Georgia State at South Carolina, just to see how Beamer’s offseason rebuild has taken.  (I do have to admit it’s a pretty cupcakey opening Saturday, though.)

What piques your interest today?


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Getting in the mood

This week’s hype video:

Yeah, I’m starting to feel it.


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The first good reason I’ve seen for an expanded playoff

Mullen would still be at Florida?  Tempting, I’ve gotta admit.


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Owning the death penalty

Bold look, SMU.


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Gee whiz, you’re dumb.



Even by generic trolling standards, Kanell is one stupid mofo.


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