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No respect

Serious question.

What exactly does Stetson Bennett have to do to be recognized as the best offensive player in the conference in a given week?  I’m not asking as a knock on Richardson, who had a big game as well, but, c’mon, SEC, he’s the top rated QB in the conference!  What more do you need to see?



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Alex, I’ll take “It couldn’t be any worse”, for $200.

AJ-C header:  “Could Georgia Tech’s roster turnover be a positive?

How positive does this sound?

Among power-conference schools, only USC (with 20) added more players through the portal than Tech, according to 247Sports. The spree was necessary because of a smaller-than-usual high-school signing class and losing no fewer than 39 scholarship players from last year’s season-opening roster because of expired eligibility, transfers and players leaving the team to turn professional or for other reasons.

Yeah, that’s what I think, too.

Consider this your game day thread for this evening’s titanic meeting with Clemson.


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What is it with ESPN tracking Georgia stats?

If you watched the broadcast, they posed a trivia question with the premise that Georgia signed one transfer player this offseason.  Georgia, in fact, didn’t sign any players out of the portal this offseason.

Then, this:

The formerly-maligned Stetson Bennett went 25-of-31 for 368 yards, becoming the first Georgia quarterback in 25 years to complete 80 percent of his passes in a game, per ESPN.

Greyson Lambert, Mickey hardly knew ye.


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The transition is going well.


I’m not sure how big an insult “Fake Ed Orgeron” is supposed to be.


UPDATE:  Shit.  I got sucked in by a fake account.  Disregard.

Although “Fake Ed Orgeron” is a nice touch.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 1

A week’s worth of games is in the books (two weeks, if you’re Vanderbilt) and, with one exception, the conference is undefeated.  While many of those games featured cupcake opposition, there are still things to be gleaned from them.

  1. Georgia.  They’re the defending national champs and they notched a win with the biggest margin of victory in program history over a ranked opponent in the opener.  Who else are you gonna rank here?
  2. Alabama.  Rolled a Mountain West team that won eleven games last season.  (Can’t say I’m not a little amused that Young outrushed Gibbs, though.)
  3. Texas A&M.  In control from the start against a Sam Houston squad that won eleven games last year and made the FCS playoffs.
  4. Florida.  I’m not about to proclaim the Gators are back — I’ll leave that for your Daily Gator to crow about — but it was the kind of win over a top ten ranked opponent that can give a program momentum after it went in the tank last season.
  5. Arkansas.  Won a tight game against a good Cincinnati team (even if not as good as last year) and Sam Pittman planned on relaxing with a cold one afterwards.  Gotta love it.
  6. Tennessee.  The Vols led thirty seconds into the game and never looked back.
  7. Ole Miss.  The passing game wasn’t impressive, but Zach Evans looks like a keeper.
  8. Mississippi State.  Will Rogers threw for 450 yards against Memphis, but the really amazing stat was MSU’s time of possession:  41.11.
  9. Auburn.  Had no trouble with Mercer, which is how that should go, so for one week, at least, the boosters stay off Harsin’s back.
  10. Kentucky.  Farted around for over a half, but did put down Miami (Ohio).  The Will Levis for Heisman campaign got off to a meh start.
  11. Missouri.  Handled a pretty crappy Louisiana Tech team, so they’ve got that going for them.
  12. South Carolina.  As the net ypp numbers show, the offensive resurrection with Rattler has some work ahead of it.  The ‘Cocks were outgained by Georgia State and were behind in the third quarter.
  13. Vanderbilt.  These guys are third in the conference in scoring and are on the cusp of covering the season over/under on wins.  Let’s see if they make it.
  14. LSU.  It’s not that they managed to be the only team in the conference to lose their opener (to a hardly dominant FSU).  It’s that they did so looking sloppy and disinterested at times.  The Tigers’ team chemistry seems like the polar opposite of Georgia’s right now.


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If mocking Tennessee is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Kudos to Shane Beamer for not missing the important point of his team’s win over Georgia State ($$).

It was easy to shrug off a ho-hum 35-14 win for the Gamecocks over Georgia State, but Beamer went another route in his postgame television interview.

“That’s a good football team we just beat. And we know there’s some other SEC teams that have played these guys and aren’t having the feeling we have right now and had that thing in control in the fourth quarter,” Beamer said.


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If you can make it at Roll Bama Roll, you’ll make it anywhere.

Something strange appears to have overcome our buddy Erik Evans.

Ignore for a moment the clownfraud preseason Top 10 that was bestowed upon the Oregon Ducks. Sure, that requires looking past such facts as a completely new coaching staff, a rebuilding defense, no one to throw the ball to, and Bo Nix doing the throwing: Georgia looked really good yesterday. And until you kill the king, heavy rests the crown. So too did Alabama play with their food, and could have hung 80 or so on the defending MWC Champs (still, the win over Oregon was against a better opponent; so UGA gets the nod).

Admittedly, he’s reserving later judgment pending how Oregon’s season unfolds, but still, that’s way more of the benefit of the doubt than he extended Georgia last season before ‘Bama lost to TAMU.


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Monday ticket exchange

It’s the home opener!  It’s also against Samford, so I’m guessing there are some ticket opportunities to be had this week.  Make your wants and needs known in the comments and remember to be detailed.


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SEC net YPP, Week One

I’m back with my favorite advanced stat, SEC edition.  Obviously, early results are somewhat skewed, but you gotta start somewhere, amirite?  Besides, things will sort out as the season progresses.

All stats are via cfbstats.com.

  1. Alabama (7.76 o; 2.31 d):  +5.45
  2. Georgia (9.21 o; 4.60 d):   +4.61
  3. Auburn (8.02 o; 4.04 d):    +3.98
  4. Texas A&M (7.42 o; 3.60 d):  +3.82
  5. Vanderbilt (7.65 o; 5.43 d):  +2.22
  6. Missouri (6.98 o; 5.06 d):   +1.92
  7. Tennessee (6.62 o; 4.90 d):   +1.72
  8. Ole Miss (5.93 o; 4.27 d):   +1.66
  9. Kentucky (6.09 o; 4.53 d):   +1.56
  10. Florida (7.16 o; 6.28 d):     +.88
  11. Mississippi State (6.59 o; 5.76 d):   +.83
  12. Arkansas (6.21 o; 5.92 d):   +.29
  13. South Carolina (4.43 o; 4.51 d):   -.08
  14. LSU (5.27 o; 5.52 d):  -.25

Turnover margin:

  • + 3: Vanderbilt
  • + 2: Georgia
  • +1:  Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee
  •  0:  Florida, Kentucky, Texas A&M
  • -1:  Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, South Carolina
  • -2:  Auburn


  • It didn’t take long for the cream to rise to the top, did it?
  • We may never see numbers like that from Vanderbilt again.
  • South Carolina underwater against the likes of Georgia State doesn’t bode well.


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