So, in this week’s Observations post, I made a crack about Brett Thorson considering the transfer portal due to lack of opportunity because the offense was so efficient.  Little did I know I would be upstaged.

I hate it when football players are better at snarkery than I am.  Well played, sir… er, mate.



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28 responses to “One-upsmanship

  1. Derek

    Stet is a well-known anti-antipodean and a triskaidekaphobic.

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  2. 81Dog

    Stone the bloody crows, cobber!

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  3. timphd

    That friends is how it is done. Brett is now one of my favorite Dawgs. One among many.

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  4. olddawg22

    He Hate Me

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  5. mwodieseldawg

    Stetquavious has no time for punters, Aussie or others.

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  6. RangerRuss

    This once again proves my theory Stetson Bennett IV hates Australians.

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  7. Honky McFailson hates Outback Steakhouse.

    Brett, well played, sir. I would like to buy you a pint for that one.

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  8. originaluglydawg

    Last year, the punting game was phenomenal and a large but overlooked reason for the Dawgs success on defense and also on offense (takes a lot of pressure off when you know you have a punter that can flip the field).
    Unless Thorson’s game against O was an anomaly, my fears that the punting game would fall off some are gone.


  9. pedropossum

    He hates these cans.

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  10. moe pritchett

    Is it just the light or does Brett “Mad Max” Thorson look a bit ripped?


    • Russ

      Those Aussie punters are all pretty beefy because they play Aussie rule football. Not that I want to see an opponent break a long return, but I would love to see Brett make a tackle or two. I imagine he could lay the wood, and I mean DURING the game.

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  11. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    you don’t want to fuck with an aussie rules player.
    football pads are for pussies.
    nor get in a drinking contest with a Kiwi, Belgian or Aussie.

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  12. Harold Miller

    Hated that we were asleep at the wheel and had to call a time out, but Brett sure made the best of his chance to shine.


  13. I see fake punts in our future with Brett on a keeper sweep. He’ll just need to remember to keep his helmet on. Notice that SBIV is our PK holder too. Heheheheheh…..


    • I did notice about SBIV as the holder. That likely holds back some rushing of kicks especially in short yardage.


      • He can just stand up and toss it to Washington…who could cover? We could even just break out of kicking formation before the snap and spread O and Bowers wide. Probably forces other team to call TO, then we go and kick it anyway. I’m sure we have something special saved for Jax and Atlanta.

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  14. Russ

    I expect to see more of that thunder from down under as the season progresses.

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  15. Got Cowdog

    Uncle Cowdog texted me at halftime: “They might as well send Thorson back to Australia. They ain’t gonna need him…”