Parking PSA

Those of you making your way to Athens this Saturday ought to be aware of something I heard some chatter about a couple of weeks ago that’s now been made official via an email from the Georgia Bulldog Club.

Good afternoon from The Georgia Bulldog Club!

We are excited to welcome you back to Sanford Stadium this Saturday as the Georgia Bulldogs open their home slate against Samford at 4:00pm. As we look ahead to this weekend’s matchup, we want to remind you of gameday traffic patterns that could affect you on Saturday.

Due to repairs on the railroad trestle near East Campus Road, Williams Street remains closed to through vehicle traffic in that area. The Williams Street Lot (N12) is still accessible to local traffic from Oconee Street, as is Mitchell Street. Pedestrians and cyclists are still able to travel down Williams Street and safely cross under the trestle via designated covered paths.

For ticket-holders parking in the Railroad Lot (N08), we recommend traveling up Oconee Street and turning left (southbound) onto South Thomas Street. As this is not the regular traffic pattern for this intersection, Athens-Clarke County Police will be stationed there no later than 8:00am to direct traffic.

Parking for N08 will begin at the south end of the lot. Please note that, due to construction, there is no longer internal access for vehicles between the south and north ends of N08 (see map). Vehicle access to either end of the lot is only available via South Thomas Street (for the north end) or East Campus Road (for the south end). Pedestrians, however, can still walk internally between the two ends of the lot.

Once the south end of N08 is filled, you will only be able to access the north end from South Thomas Street. We recommend arriving early and preparing for an extended commute if you plan to park at the south end of N08. Police and parking attendants will be available at all open lots to direct traffic and answer questions.

This new traffic pattern will be in place all season.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.



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22 responses to “Parking PSA

  1. Just cut through the cemetery.

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  2. winodawg

    Wait until you see the clusterf*$k that is the Lexington Road exit.


  3. 79dawg

    LOL the ACC PD at Broad/Oconee and Thomas St./East Campus Rd. after the games is pathetic (they are directing nothing!), so can’t wait to see what they do before the game….
    P.S. Guess no one took my suggestion this season (again) to prohibit vehicular traffic east/west on Broad Street between Lumpkin and Thomas St. for an hour or so after the game?

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    • ugasfavoritetick

      Simply arrive early and park behind the B&L. After the game, chill until traffic clears. Enjoy $1 a pitcher draft beer. Chew the fat with Barry and Miss Colleen and Doyle. Commune with the barkeeps Smokin’ Joe Frasier and Bill Bezkor and Linda Mason. Drool over Miss Punni sitting on a slat back wooden chair in Doyle’s office. Dig the vibes of T. Graham and Rio Diamond (or was it Diamond Rio?). With any luck, the Athens Motorcycle Club will come in with their chains and crack a few skulls … always prime entertainment.

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      • bbbez

        Great memories for sure! GO DAWGS! -Bill Bezkor

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        • RangerRuss

          I did enjoy the B&L. Big Dave Taylor told me on Zoo Night to act right and have fun, so I did. Ricky Willis treated me to a damn good lunch there during the week that I had no idea was going on. Tom McGoo warned me not to do anything in the parking lot that I wouldn’t do in front of an Athens cop, so I didn’t.
          Upper classmen gave me good advice and I’m glad I listened.


    • olddawg22

      Should go all in like Charlottesville, make 3-4 square blocks pedestrian only! It would be magnificent!


  4. 86bone

    Traffic pattern here in central Texas will be the same with a lot of wild game, song birds and cattle.
    HDTV and cold beverages at home on the farm are hard to beat!

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  5. uga97

    Extended commutes….Just like the road to the Natty 4 years from now.


  6. pansythedawg

    This reminds me that I need to go pick up beer at Five Points before all you get to town.

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  7. practicaldawg

    May be accessible by canoe if this forecast holds


  8. Russ

    Il Duce Michael Adam’s nods in appreciation.

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  9. chopdawg

    However bad this is, it can’t be as bad as The Gulch last weekend, where I had to climb over a stopped train to get back to my tailgate from the porta-potty.


  10. Just y’all wait. Beginning in the next couple of weeks, Prince Ave. is being reduced to two lanes between Milledge and downtown:


    • Illini84

      As well it should be, some people actually, you know, live here. If the fucking idiots coming in from Jackson County didn’t have to drive 60 miles an hour in town maybe it wouldn’t.


      • I get it – I live in Normaltown just north of Prince Ave. I’d love it if Prince were controlled by the city all the way to the loop so they could implement this the full length of Prince Ave. I was hit while waiting at the red light at Prince and Barber last year by someone speeding in from Jackson County so I feel your frustration.

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