Good day, defined

Not bad, Sun Belt.

By the way, fantastic ROI, Notre Dame, Nebraska and TAMU.



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  1. pdawg30577

    Man, Nebraska … am I the only one who thinks Scott Frost looks like the dead-eyed Todd character in “Breaking Bad?” Seems about as smart, too.

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  2. Tarheels’ strength of schedule getting jacked!

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  3. jcdawg83

    0-2 Notre Dame could be facing being dropped from the top 10.

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  4. pdawg30577

    And Anthony Richardson (QBR vs. UK was a 3.8) at Florida is done. Done. They may as well go to whoever’s behind him on the depth chart, because he’s through. I feel bad for the young man and wish him well, as he’s clearly fragile in many ways. As for his team, fuck those motherfuckers. I will continue to enjoy their slide into irrelevance. I never thought I’d live to see the day when Kentucky was the new first deputy of the SEC East, but here we are. They’ll wax Tennessee worse than they just waxed Florida. In terms of coaching in the East, there’s Kirby, there’s Stoops, and then Butch Joneses all the way down from there.

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  5. moe pritchett

    *Josh Heupel checks future dates for scheduling. Crosses off Sunbelt requests.

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  6. DC Weez

    I love the video to this song. Always get a kick out of Ice Cube looking up and seeing the Goodyear Blimp that says “Ice Cube’s a Pimp.”

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  7. otto1980

    The toughest division in college football is in the East of the Sun Belt for any Group of 5 Conference.

    Old Dominion also beat Va. Tech last week.

    Va Tech
    Tx A&M

    All went to down to the Sun Belt East

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  8. Is the Sunbelt now the best G5 conference in the land?


  9. classiccitycanine

    Days like yesterday are what make me love college football. It was supposed to be a boring slate and then all hell broke loose! In the coming days of playoff expansion, yesterday will mean very little. I hate to lose that.

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  10. Illini84

    And in other news the Illini clubbed UVA!