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I saw that Bud Elliott was taking some flak in the comments section the other day and was wondering what that was all about, as I think he’s pretty knowledgeable about college football.  Anyway, I did some digging and came across this, which seems like it would make good fodder for a post here:

I suppose some of you could get your hackles up over that, but from my standpoint, it’s amazing that he finds about half the P5, running the systems they already have in place with their current personnel (important distinctions), would take Stetson Bennett over the quarterbacks they have starting now.  A year ago, that number, let’s be honest, would have been zero.

Also, he’s got nothing but love for the job Todd Monken’s doing, and it’s impossible to argue with that.  Monken should have been a Broyles Award nominee last season.  If he’s not one this season, there’s something seriously wrong with the voting.



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  1. lincolndawg

    Monken not being a Broyles finalist and Bowers not winning the Mackey turned me off to college football awards altogether.

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  2. “finds about half the P5 running the systems they already have in place with their current personnel (important distinctions), would take Stetson Bennett over the quarterbacks they have starting now.”
    If the people judging were basing it on actual ability the number would be closer to 80%.


  3. biggusrickus

    What is he using to determine that Bennett was one of the worst downfield throwers in the country? I’m not even suggesting he was among the best, but one of the worst? I can’t imagine that holds up to scrutiny.

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    • JaxDawg

      That caught my attention, too. I’m not familiar with the resources for detailed cfb stats, but a causal glance at the data validates your question. SBIV has been pretty good with the deep ball. And pretty good by just about every other QB measure.

      Regardless of the data he used, he’s falling victim to confirmation bias. He bought the lazy narrative we’ve all heard on SBIV, and he’s not going to return it.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, I quit listening at that point. Guy still is mad Stetson stole his girlfriend.

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  4. akascuba

    SBIV is not the same QB without Todd Monken’s offense. Coach Monken is the best OC Georgia has ever had in my 60+ years. Not being a finalist makes those voters look both uninformed and lazy following the national writer’s memes.

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  5. rigger92

    Didn’t you do a post recently that shows SBIV has the most passes over 20 yards in the SEC? I don’t GAS about what these guys think but I am pretty sure he’s dead wrong on the “worst downfield passer” thing.

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    • He’s not throwing the ball deep. His receivers are racking up a lot of YAC.


      • moe pritchett

        1) He lost me because he has Danny Kannell

        2) Didn’t SBIV lead or finish somewhere near the top in “yards per attempt” or yards per completion or something like that last year? Elliott said Bennett terrible in that last year .


        • That’s not what he said.


          • moe pritchett

            He was negative towards Bennett. Wasn’t hearsay. I didn’t quote him, but after review I can
            “Last year he was one of the worst downfield throwers in the country.”
            Not sure there’s much difference between “terrible” and “worst.”
            Either way, it seems like he was a leader in yards per attempt and completion percentages and not as Elliott says, “worst”
            That was my point.

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            • Jeremiah Stevens

              When Bud says, “downfield thrower,” he’s probably specifically talking about success on solidly defended throws where the ball goes at least 20 yds downfield through the air. Yards per attempt would include yards that the receivers earned after the catch, which have less to do with how well a QB plays, provided he isn’t always forcing guys to break stride.


          • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

            You know what? It doesn’t matter that he said something crafted to attempt to justify a position he was just wrong about. It’s time to admit you were wrong. I have. Does Stetson do as well in an offense that Todd Monken is not in charge of? I’d guess not, but I wouldn’t bet on it either. The trouble with all this statistical analysis is that the only truly worthwhile stat is the final score.

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        • Tim B

          He said, “Last year he was one one the worst downhill throwers in the country.” That’s just not so. His passing efficiency was one of the top five or ten in the country last year on those 20 plus yard throws. Not short throws and run but downfield. That’s why I’ve been shocked that he’s missed two or three of those throws to wide open guys this year. Last year our offense wasn’t dink and dunk or catch and run like it has been this year. That actually has me concerned.

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          • moe pritchett

            Yeah. I knew it was something like that.
            I was sitting in the shitter so I was a bit distracted as to his exact words. Just that it was negative about Bennetts downfield throws.



    The Mailman farts in his general direction.

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  7. D.N. Nation

    Eh, still better than Steven Godfrey’s Split Zone Duo UGA preview, which amounted to: “UGA’s offense is mlayykshually one of the worst in the country and also their fans send mean emails to me.”


  8. realitycheckhere

    The thing that bothers me about Monken is not about the Broyles award. I am very concerned someone will hire him as their new head coach. Auburn’s boosters are probably too stupid to hire him and Monken is probably not stupid enough to take the Tech job, but I fear somebody is going to make an offer he won’t refuse.

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  9. Tim B

    I’d bet that 80% of p5 teams would take a guy who could make that scramble and td throw play against Oregon the coaches told him he shouldn’t have made.


  10. godawgs1701

    I hadn’t heard this particular podcast episode, but I was one of the ones ripping Bud a few days ago. When talking about Georgia as a title contender he basically said, “well, they look great right now but let’s be careful because… you look at what Stetson Bennett did against Oregon he didn’t throw the ball very far, and if they ever have to I don’t think he can do it effectively enough to win a game”. He was busy on January 10th, I guess.

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    • siskey

      I like Bud too but I can agree that Stetson benefits from what Monken does and think that he is too hard on Bennett because he doesn’t look like Bo Nix or have the stats of Bryce Young. Bud is starting to become a little “inside gambler” guy to me and those guys are the same as children of divorce who told you that they had the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier at their Dad’s house. (I can say this because I was one). Bennett is a shitload better than his recruiting ranking and I am sure that he would love to go out there and Joe Flacco deep balls but thankfully we don’t need a hero and the game is so much more about the horizontal part of the field than it is vertical passing for us. I will still listen to Bud and he is a smart guy but our guy is 1-1 against Bryce Young and undefeated in the playoffs.


  11. valdawgsta

    I share your admiration for Bud, he’s very good in his analysis. My only quibble, and I admit this could be me being a homer, is the idea that if teams had Stetson they wouldn’t alter what they run at all.

    Sure they might not replace their starter right now with Stetson if there were a federal law that said “THOU SHALT NEVER RUN A DIFFERENT OFFENSE THAN YOU PLANNED ON” but we all know that isn’t the case. Good OC’s alter their scheme year to year and even game to game to suit who is playing. Switching Stetson would be no different.

    You’ll just never convince me that the guy who finished with the 3rd best QBR in all of college football (remember when smart people were supposed to look at analytics instead of dumb stats like “yards thrown”?) is actually mid-pack among P5 QBs.

    I know Georgia is incredibly talented and Monken is a wizard of an OC, but that isn’t the only thing making Stetson a top QB. He’s getting bolstered by our talented roster but saying he’s mid pack in the P5 is just ignoring way more data than I’m comfortable with.

    I suspect Bud is defending some of his previous wrong takes on Stetson here.


  12. Firstly, you guys realize that on the Broyles Award, each team can only have one assistant nominated and it was Lanning last year.

    Secondly, as for Monken taking a head job….of course, there is always a dollar figure, but this guy does not love recruiting. I think that limits him to only decent teams that already have a swath of athletes. He has stated to personal acquaintances that his wife is tired of moving. She DID NOT want him to move for this job but knew he was being treated like dirt in the NFL. As for that possibility, he might go NFL, but see above, and top NCAA coordinators are making what those in the NFL do.

    There is one job that I worry about with him…and it shows no real signs of opening for a while. I think we may be in the Monken world for a while.


  13. charlottedawg

    Recovering Stetson critic here. But why can’t it be both, monken is a brilliant offensive mind AND Bennett is a pretty good college quarterback. If monken is what we think he is, then he’s not going to start a QB that he thinks makes his scheme less effective.

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  14. MGW

    So basically just a yes for every team that doesn’t have a functioning starting QB and also doesn’t have a backup with potential. No for everyone else. Bout as backhanded as a compliment can get.


  15. Anon

    Stetson Bennett, national champion and future heisman trophy winner.