Same as it ever was

Matt Hayes:

Now, reality: Despite the record number of NFL Draft picks from last year’s Georgia team — including 5 from defense in the first round — there’s little difference between last year’s crazy good defense and this year’s group.

One NFL scout told me this week the Georgia defense, “looks like the same guys with different numbers. It’s uncanny.”

Nah.  It’s just good coaching, in the full sense of the word — recruiting, talent evaluation, player development, fundamentals and scheme.  Of course, if that were easy, everyone would be doing it.



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  1. One of the posters known as Mark

    I’ve been a UGA fan since arriving on campus in 1974. This is the best time to be a Dawg I’ve ever experienced.

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  2. Speaking of last year’s defense, I read a stat that the Eagles’ run defense is allowing less than 3 yards a carry when JD99 is on the field and 10 YPC when he isn’t.

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  3. Dawgfan1995

    It’s nice that they are focusing on how their offensive will play against our defense. Our offense against their “defense” is really going to be the game, though.

    It might be a “Gambler” game for them, though: the best that they can hope for is to die in their sleep.


  4. toccoadawg

    Said NFL scout has contributed to Dawg porn without even knowing it!


  5. Ran A

    If they go in and do to South Carolina, what most of us think they will do, a state of depression that has nothing to do with the economy may overtake the SEC East. Except for UT. That group is just plain stupid.

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  6. biggusrickus

    It’s a little premature to say it’s the same as last year, but that the results have been identical so far speaks volumes about the system Smart has in place and their player evaluation. I have a feeling there will be a game this year where the relative lack of experience at linebacker and certain secondary positions will hurt them a little, but whether it will be enough for Georgia to potentially lose a regular season game is another matter.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      “…there will be a game this year where the relative lack of experience at linebacker and certain secondary positions will hurt them a little…”

      That makes sense except that by the time we get to a team truly capable of hurting us a little, the new pieces of the defense will have experience. If Oregon couldn’t do it – I think I read they scored about 70 points in their second game – who do you see doing that before the SEC championship game? I guess we could do it to ourselves; that has happened before, but it really looks to me like Kirby is on the mutha.

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  7. Opelikadawg

    Wait a minute. I thought Kirby couldn’t develop players. So now I have to learn a new narrative?


    • KornDawg

      Let’s run through the narratives:
      1. Can’t develop
      2. Can’t develop QBs specifically
      3. Not a good gameday coach, just a good recruiter
      4. Richt 2.0

      Am I missing any? He’s pretty much debunked all of them, but I’m sure the handbags will come up with something else.

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  8. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    This is why the Muschamp hire was so good and so important. It’s allowed Kirby to absorb the loss of Lanning and move forward just as well as we were before.

    And to think, some Georgia fans conflated his poor head coaching performance with his ability to coach defense, or, didn’t like the things he said while a head coach so much that they didn’t want him as a coach here.

    Where would we be without Boom? How much worse would our defenses last season and this season be without him?

    I’m glad we’ll never know.

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    • rugbydawg79

      ” With You”

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      • ciddawg

        We played the Dawgs in Rugby in 81&82…the party was in a Duplex/apt at one end of the Pitch, the guy who lived there had been around along time and was a photographer that had pictures of very pretty Co-ed’s all over the walls…do you remember him?


    • Ran A

      He has given Georgia an absolute edge with the coaching staff. It’s like having another HC. And he loves it. Man has plenty of money, get’s to ‘coach’, leaves the political BS to Kirby and he Can go do what he does best making really good money doing it.

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  9. Texas Dawg

    I think Kirby has established the culture at UGA to maintain this for the long run. You come in a 5 star and don’t perform (see you later Brenton Cox), you sit or leave. You come in as a walk on or lower star, work your ass off and perform (hello Bennett, McConkey, Jackson, Mitchell) and you will start or at least get a lot of PT. You earn your time, it is not given or guaranteed.

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  10. mg4life0331

    “Thats cause a blind squirrel found a nut, but like there were 84 other ones next to it. So hes even luckier”

    -Dan Mullen probably


  11. Eh. I need to see more before I even think “same guys with different numbers. ” I’m slightly concerned about the DL and ILB.