Next level rat poison

Nick Saban is probably asking himself “why didn’t I think of that first?” about now.


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  1. godawgs1701

    BOONE, NC – Appalachian State’s starting quarterback and running back are expected to miss the next several weeks of the season after accidentally stepping on mouse traps in the team’s practice facility. Sources inside the program say both players were walking while looking at their cell phones and wearing slides and suffered broken toes after stepping in the traps, which were placed around the building as a cheap motivational ploy. The Mountaineers needed no such gimmicks to secure their win over Texas A&M.

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  2. Harold Miller

    Time to open a barber shop at Kidd Brewer Stadium.


  3. Down Island Way

    Prior Rat poison analyst at alabamia, had moved on to ark state, vacancy was never filled, as the position of car/pet washer is being handled at the dealer/vendor level…


  4. RangerRuss

    Whenever I read about weak sauce such as that I recall Kirby’s “leaked” motivational speech at halftime of the Ga-Fla game last year.
    Real motivation.

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  5. olddawg22

    Game Day comes to Boone NC!
    Never as I zipped down Sugar Mt. in my freshly scotchguarded blue jeans could I have imagined those words! For one thing it was about 15 years prior to the invention of Game Day! Can’t wait to see the set on the side of the mountain where the students, after the upset of Michigan, tore their own goalposts down and carried them up to the Universities president’s house at the top of the mountain, where he applauded them!
    That is real college football! Enjoy your day App State, well deserved!