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TFW you’ve got better things to do

Hmmm… this is usually a question I find myself asking in the second half of the Cocktail Party when teal becomes the predominant color in the stadium.

Georgia running back Kendall Milton asked a simple question Saturday during the third quarter of Georgia’s blowout win over South Carolina.

“Where’s everybody going?” Milton was overheard by photographers as saying near the USC student section.

Nice to know the players sometimes see the games the way we do.



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Be still, my heart

Gag me with a spoon.

I haven’t watched GameDay in ages, so it’s no great loss (besides, I’ll be on the way up to Athens).  But giving three or four hours to show Tooth Nation in all its ragged glory seems like a questionable, maybe even tasteless, decision.

What’s the over/under on the number of “We want ‘Bama/UGA” signs in the crowd?


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It’s not that some people never learn. Some people never **want** to learn.

This is your college football administrator’s brain on drugs.

Urban Meyer has been contacted by Nebraska as the team continues its process of determining candidates for its head coaching vacancy, sources told CBS Sports on Saturday. It was not made clear whether Meyer was asked about his interest in holding the job.

Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts went out of his way this week to caution that names mentioned in connection with the opening may not necessarily be candidates for the position. As such, Meyer may have been contacted as an outside source to vet other potential candidates for the position.

I exaggerate, of course.  I’ve never heard that Alberts is a drug addict.

Seriously, why would anyone in their right mind consider Corch for a head coaching job after the bang up work he did in Jacksonville?  For that matter, given that his last reference led to Addazio getting hired by Colorado State, why would anyone seek out his hiring advice?

Eh, don’t answer that.  Purely rhetorical questions.  Besides, part of me wants to see Nebraska do it, just so I can enjoy the flame out in three years.  Like day follows night.





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Not your father’s RBU

This blows my mind — Georgia goes on the road and eviscerates a conference opponent 48-7 without having a single player gain more than 36 rushing yards.

And that player was Stetson Bennett.


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A study in garnet

Trust me, if you liked that David Hale clip I just posted, you’re gonna love the entirety of this Washington Post story.

Were they connoisseurs, they would have stayed to witness some of the smartest, most beautiful college football played anyplace in any year: that of the moment of No. 1 Georgia, whose apparent 48-0 win became officially 48-7 with 53 seconds left on a South Carolina touchdown the conference should overrule on review — not because it wasn’t legit but because it didn’t fit.

“I feel like everyone is really taking their jobs seriously,” Georgia offensive lineman Sedrick Van Pran said.


Eight months after the proud program got its first national title in 41 years, and five months after it sent a 15-man drove toward the NFL on draft weekend, the Bulldogs stand 3-0 and look really, really, really-really-really good. They’ve outscored Oregon, Samford and South Carolina 130-10. In an alleged road SEC game, the customary rooster call from the Gamecocks’ stadium public address on third down began to sound like a cry for help on the verge of strangulation.

And this:

Then the halftime exit came in thin but steady streams of Gamecocks garnet, out through the nearby parking lot past the tailgate porta-potties and over toward the RVs, out through the crosswalks and down the street near the BP and the sprawling building marked “Budweiser of Columbia,” out the other way toward Bojangles and Waffle House — out, out, out. The home majority of the 78,212 proved more football fans than football aesthetes, and by the third quarter, the six sections of bleachers behind the end zone, filled at the outset, had rough fan counts of 16, 40, 76, about 96, 46 and 17, while the sections around the bend from there boasted three, 17, 17, 24 and 51.

Pretty funny that he took the time to count.



I respect a man who shows his notes.


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Meanwhile, back on the Plains

Woo, boy.

With Auburn’s boosters, that lack of aggression cannot stand, man.


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Are we having fun yet?

Over at The Athletic, Nicole Auerbach ($$) says we are.

So, yeah. Georgia remains very good at football. But what I love about watching this particular team is how intentional Monken has been in spreading the ball around and, frankly, keeping things fun. “Fun” is not a word many outside of the program would have used in relation to the Georgia offense before Monken’s arrival, but Kirby Smart didn’t care as long as the unit took care of the ball, complemented the defense and helped win games…

Of course, it’s not exactly about us.

Over the last few months, Smart has offered more pointed responses to critics of the offense, flatly stating after the Oregon win that he wants his program to have an offense that attracts elite skill players.

But I’m happy enjoying the sloppy seconds.


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So, how’s that whole Heisman campaign thing going?

Richardson’s last in the SEC in passer rating.  And not by a small margin, either.  There’s almost 30 points of separation between him and thirteenth.

In retrospect, maybe Mullen knew what he was doing with his quarterbacks last season.


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A new nickname is born.

This may be my favorite Smart presser line of all time:

So, Darnell Washington, on one of the little crack screens we run, pins a guy. And the hole, guys, holes are created through displacement, not just blocking. Darnell displaces people.

Forget the Big O.  From now on, here at the blog he’ll be referred to as The Displacer™.


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A new t-shirt slogan is born.

Get somebody to love you as much as Kirby Smart loves a fourth down stop.


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