Meanwhile, back on the Plains

Woo, boy.

With Auburn’s boosters, that lack of aggression cannot stand, man.



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  1. D.N. Nation

    At the time, there were some people in the SB Nation Extended Universe who were trying to say that if you squinted hard enough, then MLAYYYYKSHUALLY Harsin would be a good fit at Auburn and was MLAYYYYYKSHUALLY a great coach and MLAYYYYYYYKSHUALLY would be a terrific recruiter and…

    It’s like, y’all: the third-/fourth-best Boise coach is going to take the Barn to the next level? No.


  2. sniffer

    Joseph Goodman over at dropped a piece yesterday that says what every AU fan feels today. Brutal. Don’t miss Scarbinsky’s piece, either.

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  3. Who will want this job now? You have the worst group of meddling boosters (yes, even worse than Texas) and are sandwiched between the GOAT and the guy who may take a shot at Saban’s records. For now, you will have to compete against both of them straight up unless the SEC gives you an out in the new scheduling format.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch … the $Cam curse/karma may have finally settled in to stay for a while.

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  4. Down Island Way

    Anybody thinks this guy is coaching to stay employed at the prettiest little cesspool on the plains is lost, he’s out of there, he knows he’s out of there, they know he’s out if there, we know he’s out of there, he’s coaching for that pink slip attached to a large out of there check…the fueled plane to Idaho is on the tarmac…#AUBURN SUCKS!


  5. theoriginalspike

    Ahh.. you hate to see it…

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  6. gastr1

    Right about Nov. 1 Lance Leipold’s agent will be having a damn hard time sorting out all of the offers.

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  7. Texas Dawg

    This Headline from a USA Today’s article by Dan Wolken
    Misery Index Week 3: Bryan Harsin has turned Auburn into a bad and boring football team
    That’s just fun to read over and over


  8. legatedawg

    Hugh Freeze is just a call away. I have no doubt that they’re ready to do it. The only unknown is Sankey’s reaction if any, and its impact.


    • Texas Dawg

      Don’t count out Bobby Petrino. The looked good yesterday vs Pittman’s Pigs. The made a run at him years ago and we all know that the ethics problems are NOT an issue for Auburn (actually might be a bonus).

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      • legatedawg

        Excellent point, Texas Dawg. Funny how I had really forgotten about Petrino until yesterday and was astonished at the game that MO State made of it. Some Hawg fans are saying that they hope that yesterday’s close call was this year’s version of what happened to them in Athens last year. Yes, I had forgotten about Petrino’s history with Auburn. He can certainly still coach and would be a less ticklish hire than Mr. Freeze, assuming that Sankey still tries to ban the latter from the SEC. Petrino is past 60 y/o however. Freeze is probably 10 years younger if age is a consideration, as we agree that ethics are certainly not.


      • NotMyCrossToBear

        They would hire Petrino in a second. Imagine having Petrino and Pearl leading your two major sports. Tells you all you need to know.

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  9. In countless Sunday School rooms across the Plains, the following is being taught…

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  10. 69Dawg

    Auburn, Dead Man walking er crawling.


  11. His side piece got out while the getting was good too.

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  12. Faltering Memory

    My concern is AU takes a clue from AL and goes after Matt Rhule.


    • junkyardawg41

      Saban was a winner at LSU before coming to T-Town. Baylor is doing just fine with Aranda after Rhule left — not worried about that one. Now Dan Lanning — that I might worry about.


  13. Terry McCullers

    Hey Harsin The clock is ticking.


  14. practicaldawg

    I had a feeling that as much as they hated Gus Bus, Harsin was going to be a downgrade. At least the Bus had a few wins over Saban and a rabbit’s foot.


  15. uga97

    Lemme guess they callingfor Kevin steele again? Pathetic….going to be fascinating watching the all barn boosters fighting for the same coach georgia yech wants….get out the popcorn.