TFW you’ve got better things to do

Hmmm… this is usually a question I find myself asking in the second half of the Cocktail Party when teal becomes the predominant color in the stadium.

Georgia running back Kendall Milton asked a simple question Saturday during the third quarter of Georgia’s blowout win over South Carolina.

“Where’s everybody going?” Milton was overheard by photographers as saying near the USC student section.

Nice to know the players sometimes see the games the way we do.



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15 responses to “TFW you’ve got better things to do

  1. Biggen

    I’ve never seen an evacuation of a stadium that quick. Fire Marshall would be proud.

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    • pansythedawg

      Except for the people on the field apparently.

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      • 79dawg

        I saw that article this morning – the problem was that they played about a 3-minute video before they brought the players down onto the field – they could’ve shortened the video or done the on-field announcement before showing the video. But it did take an inordinate amount of time for the snap on a play where you thought they were definitely going to try to go fast – the play clock was running and we actually thought they were going to have to call a timeout (no one in the stadium was paying attention to what was going on in the end zone). Beamer is in a lose-lose situation here….


    • TEXBaller

      2008 — Baton Rouge, LA — Stafford et al put an ass whipping on LSU. Coon asses flooded out of Death Valley/Tiger Stadium @ halftime. Our walk back to the car thru campus post game was eerily quiet.

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      • akascuba

        That was a fun game to be at from the opening pick six.


      • 79dawg

        FWIW, the South Carolina fans after the game – who, as a fanbase, have always been the ones to run their mouths the most (IMO) whether in victory or defeat – were somber and very congratulatory, which was definitely a first.


    • The Truth

      I think everybody was so stunned they didn’t have to leave and seek shelter for a lightning delay that they just went through with it anyway.

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  2. Dawglicious

    The hemorrhage of puke orange out of Neyland in 2003 (Jabari fumbles!) was my sweetest at-the-game experience.

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    • 93dawg

      I was at that game too! Probably the best game I’ve ever been to. I’ve never felt the air get sucked out of a stadium like it did when Sean Jones returned that fumble 92 yards right before halftime. Then in the 3rd quarter, the exodus was completed with 3 UGA TDs with 2 UT turnovers. I hate Tennessee more than any other team! I hate orange, Rocky Top and checkerboards!

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    • One of the posters known as Mark

      Possibly the biggest single-play momentum swing I’ve ever seen.

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  3. bulldogbry

    So you’re saying it was quiet enough to hear a cannon shot?

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  4. Texas Dawg

    This didn’t age well
    “Don’t let the #Gamecocks hang around. We’re just crazy enough to think we can win this damn thing.”

    Glad we could honor your request and help you restore your sanity.

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  5. stoopnagle

    So, I made the trip to Cola and it’s never felt so anti-climatic to go to an away game for me before. We got to our seats about 3-4 plays into our first possession and we were more than ready to leave in the third quarter. We stuck around for what ended up being out last score, but to think I drove 5 hours on Saturday and was so bored by the beating I was fine bailing early? I’m usually one who will stay to the bitter end – but this team is spoiling me.