Airing it out

Ummm… is this good ($$)?

… Behind Bennett, Georgia is throwing for 376.7 yards per game, No. 3 in the country.

How absurd is that? Georgia has not ranked better than 45th in passing offense since Kirby Smart took over in 2016. Its passing yardage rankings in each of those six seasons: 51st (2021), 45th (’20), 72nd (’19), 73rd (’18), 106th (’17) and 106th (’16).

Going back to last year’s College Football Playoff — a five-game stretch featuring games against three top-12 teams, plus an SEC rival — Bennett has completed 70.8 percent of his passes for 1,489 yards with 10 touchdowns and no interceptions.

I’m gonna say yes.  Especially since he’s yet to throw a fourth quarter pass in anger this season.

You know what else is good?

Standing in the Bulldogs’ path to repeat are nine pass defenses with an average national ranking of 75th, with only Florida (26th) and Kentucky (12th) ranking higher than 60th.

Todd Monken be looking like this right now…

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24 responses to “Airing it out

  1. Remember the Quincy

    If anyone needs me, I’ll be locked in my room with a picture of this stat most of the morning. I’ll be fine after I have a shower.

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  2. I thought Mike Bobo circa 2012-14 was good. This is nuts so far.

    If we can keep Todd in Athens, we may see what LSU could have been if Joe Brady stuck around.

    In Todd we trust.

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  3. toccoadawg

    I don’t know if they will ever open the Monken Chapel of Worship, but if they do, I think they should expect a packed house! I’ll be there. A Man of Genius.

    [image: YARN | – Who is designing it? – The only man of genius I ever met …]

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  4. No doubt this season is shaping up, dare I say it, better than last season. Look how many points we’ve scored in the first three games this season compared to last season. Look at how many points our defense has allowed through the first 3 games vs last season. Look at how dejected our defender looked allowing a touchdown in the last minute of the game when we were up 48 to fucking nothing. Kirby has everyone on this team dialed in and laser focused…this team is special. Go Dawgs

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  5. olddawg22

    Michigan, Oregon and South Carolina are three of the most dominant games you will ever see by an offensive team! ( plenty of support by the defense)
    “Soul crushing” is the best description I have seen for what Monken is unleashing! You actually can’t believe all the great positions he is putting his playmakers in! Tight end reverse with qb blocking for a TD, thing of beauty!

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  6. I hate the smell of rat poison in the morning, but this team might be oblivious to it, thanks to Kirby and the team leaders.


  7. To be fair, we had a few decent running backs in those previous seasons. Will be interesting to see what Monken does with a true star at RB and something less than a Bowers at TE in coming seasons.

    But my season long prediction to take Georgia to cover and the over (vs under last year) is at risk with this Junkyard Dawg 3.0 defense.

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  8. Ozam

    Unfortunately Monken’s talent is on full display. Someone gonna pay him a king’s ransom. Enjoy his artistry while we have it!


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I understand what you’re saying and maybe Monken will chase the almighty dollar, but it isn’t like he isn’t already getting paid. He has great support, great tools to work with, and just enough recruiting responsibility to have a reasonable life. You have to to really, really want to be head coach – or go back to the No Fun League – to give all that up. His call, of course, but I would stay as long as things are this good. Maybe he will, too.

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  9. PeachPit

    Although the age differential is not the same as CKS nor the level of experience, but perhaps the reason for Monken to stay is job satisfaction as it seems that Kirby had, even though Sabin was so hard on him at times. MaryBeth said they were happy in T-town.

    Monken has been there and done that in coaching. Perhaps this has been just the right fit and he is happy. I’ve never seen him banging the table when things don’t go as planned as I have seen O’Brien do. Perhaps this is the road to retirement that he has been looking for in Dylan’s post above. I sure agree, even though the press had me going about him leaving the other day.


    • Ozam

      The Freddie Freeman situation sideways is a good reminder of “loyalty.” Was the captain of the Braves, had spent his entire career with Atlanta, was beloved by the fans, and still left.

      Monken probably has five or so more good earning years left. We pay him 2 million per, but others may pay closer to five. That’s a lot of cash to leave on the table going into retirement.

      One way or another the dude is going to make bank.


      • If a school thinks they are only getting 5 years, no way they pay $5m per year. Given the rumbling that he doesn’t really like to recruit, I don’t see any way he gets a coveted head coaching job.


        • Russ

          Texas A$M and Auburn would absolutely pay that amount for him for 5 years. Stupid money does stupid things. Though I’m not sure how stupid that would be.

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  10. ugafidelis

    This is not your father’s football team.


  11. classiccitycanine

    I can’t sing the praises of Monken enough but I’m also prepared to give Kirby a lot of credit for unleashing Monken’s passing preference. It makes sense for winning, recruiting, and fits our strength this year. Our RBs and run-blocking isn’t elite this year so let’s use our elite passing game instead. No more wasting talents like Nauta and Ridley because Kirby is committed to rushing come hell or high water.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, hopefully Kirby is fully committed now so when Monken does leave, he’s ready to hire the next Monken and knows what the next Monken will look like.

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      • rigger92

        I’d like to think that it would go something like this: “Kirby, I am taking the xxx job, you should hire xxxx to continue what we have going on here.”