Has it really come to this, ‘Bama?

Tips on how to play Vanderbilt?  Nick Saban would be turning in his grave if that had happened on his watch… oh, wait.



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7 responses to “Has it really come to this, ‘Bama?

  1. RangerRuss

    That particular coach should go on and ask Burton for advice on how to approach the Dawgs now. By the time the SEC Championship rolls around that Quisling will have swapped loyalties to someone else.

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  2. KornDawg

    It’s about having respect for every opponent, a-ight.

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  3. Down Island Way

    Starting at wide receiver, #3, Quisling Burton….I like it!

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  4. Drastic times call for drastic measures…a 3-1 Vandy team could, shit even I can’t be this snarky

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  5. I am in no way ready to start shoveling dirt on an Alabama grave, and there is probably no coach better suited to solve potential problems, but…..

    something seems a little different than its been in Tuscaloosa for the last decade or so.

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  6. archiecreek

    Done said it once,
    will say it again….
    Kirby ain’t there, Cochran ain’t there, Lane ain’t there, Stark ain’t there, Billy ain’t there, Cristobal ain’t there…
    Who’s there now besides Saban??

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