Tuesday ticket exchange

Kent State, y’all.  Who’s got tickets?  Who needs tickets?


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18 responses to “Tuesday ticket exchange

  1. Russ

    Okay, I’m planning to come to Auburn game and looking for 3. Was going to pick up some on Stubhub but prices are still stupid. When’s the best time? Game week?


  2. KornDawg

    I have one for sale, section 337 (the section where the lone trumpeter plays) row 22. Not trying to get rich off of it.


  3. James G.

    Heading to Athens with my young boys for their first game on Saturday. Can’t wait. Looking for at least three, would take up to five. Trying to get them at a bargain rate given how low the numbers already are on StubHub. Thanks, and HBTD?!

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  4. jdawg84

    Where do folks stay when going to MSU? Columbus MS is booked solid


    • siskey

      I am staying in Birmingham but I know some people who are staying in Tuscaloosa because Bama is playing at Ole Miss and they want to see the place. I was there in 2007 and that’s as good as it gets until we play there in 3-4 years anyway.


    • silvercreekdawg

      I usually stay in Tuscaloosa. About an hour’s drive away.


    • Odontodawg

      In 2007, I stayed with a friend in Birmingham. No desire to stay in Starkville or nearby. It’s a strange place.

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  5. 123 Fake St

    Looking for four. I’d probably take five.

    Remember folks, it’s a Nooner against Kent State.


  6. girderbender

    I have two in Section 304. Just below the air conditioned Sky Boxes, so you have a back rest. Face value is $55 but I will take $50 each. Thanks.


  7. dawginsga

    Still looking for tickets for the Vandy game. Stubhub is still a little too much plus the fees.


  8. Tony BarnFart

    Just curious, as I haven’t really looked in a long time, are there still “hard ticket” scalpers outside the stadium and around campus ? And I don’t mean Dude who swears his 8×11 printout is legit……..i mean long and skinny, perforated, torn from a packet athletic department tickets.

    There’s no better buyer’s market than the seller who has an expiration clock on his product. Even aside from the fees, I feel like a decent chunk of stubhub is basically a fishing expedition from the guy who is probably tailgating on the other side of campus and can be “convinced” to not go to the game if he gets enough money.