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From the scout team to…

Hey, what happened the last time we heard people rave about a quarterback running the scout team in practice?

Freshman quarterback Gunner Stockton has done a great job preparing Georgia’s first-team defense as the scout team quarterback. Head coach Kirby Smart couldn’t say enough good things about Stockton during Tuesday’s press conference.

“Poise, great arm talent. He’s probably played since being on the scout team. He hasn’t had to deal with the information overload,” Smart said. “A lot of times, you find out a lot about a guy on the scout team because he is looking at a card. There’s no thought process. There’s no, ‘I have to say this, I have to do this.’ You take the robot out and you play.”

Safety Dan Jackson agreed with his coach’s sentiment.

“Gunner’s incredible,” Jackson said. “He exposes us every day on defense. He can sling it and he can expose us with his feet. I think he gives one of the best, great looks I’ve ever seen on the scout team.”

I’m not sayin’.  I’m just sayin’.



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They’re pros. They know what they’re doing.

The shortsightedness, she burns.

First off, I disagree with McMurphy’s take.  The rivalry isn’t being destroyed by conference realignment.  It’s being destroyed by choice.  Nobody is stopping those schools from continuing to play each other, except for the two of them.  Whether that’s due to sheer pettiness, laziness (OSU has four games scheduled with Arkansas; how hard would it be to drop those for Oklahoma?) or simply a desire to play with a new toy I can’t say, but it’s something they could address if they wanted to.

And while I agree with Solomon’s overall point, I think he’s misjudged those who choose to push regional rivalries aside.  They’re greedy, not moronic.  They do care, because that’s how they get paid.  It’s simply that they’ve convinced themselves that they’re smart enough to have it all — our regional passion and general national interest.  A poll of their fan base would let them know they’re off base about that, but how do you tell someone who thinks they’re the smartest person in the room they’re not?

Oh, yeah…

Fuck Mike Gundy and the horse he rode in on.


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It was the best of teams, it was the worst of teams.

Whew, talk about your polar opposites.

I can’t even begin to imagine the spread for the season finale this year.  Maybe Geoff should ask Kirby for a 12-minute second half.


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They might lose, but we can’t.

I confess that I’m having a hard time getting worked up for Kent State (apologies, Golden Flashes).  Fortunately, there’s a decent substitute for my attention this week.

Who’s up for a meteor game?

What are you hoping to see from the Gators and Vols this Saturday?  Aside from the meteor, of course…


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Mo’ sco’, or no?

For once, I’m genuinely interested in something Erik Evans posted.  He thinks we’re returning to an era when defenses are starting to regain some control over offenses.  And here’s one of the data points he raises as proof of that:

Scoring is down. All of those things have combined to mean that scoring is down, particularly at the margins: Since 2015, an average of 11 teams have hit 40+ PPG, with the scoring leader reaching at least 48 PPG every season. No team in 2021 was even at 48 PPG. Only one team even hit 45 PPG, and only five even hit the 40+ PPG mark. Overall, the average college football game is played at lower octane than it was in, say, 2018.

Now, data is data, so that’s fine, in and of itself.  My issue with that is it’s hard to argue a trend that involves a pandemic-limited season along with last year’s roster-adjusted play.  But I don’t want to dismiss his take out of hand, so I think I’ll keep an eye on scoring this season to see how it plays out.

At the moment, there are seven teams averaging more than 50 points a game, another seven (including Alabama!) averaging more than 45 points a game and sixteen more that are at the 40-point or better threshold.  I grant you the sample size is small, but that’s a thirty-team total, so if he’s right, we should expect a lot of fallout in the coming weeks.  Like I said, I’ll check back on this, because I’m interested.


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Running the damn ball

This stat kind of snuck up on me.

That’s despite this season’s late game approach of leaving the offense open instead of manballing it in the fourth quarter, like last year.  Then again, maybe it’s because of the new late game approach.


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Regionalized? You say that like it’s a bad thing.

As the saying goes, when they tell you what they’re doing, you’d better believe it.

Despite his league winning 12 of the last 16 national championships, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said one of the most important components of an expanded 12-team College Football Playoff would be helping the sport not to be so regionalized.

“My view is how do you bring more people into November, including in our league,” Sankey told ESPN. “Our league would be fine, even at 16 teams with a four-team playoff. At 14, we’ve taken half the field a couple of times. Nobody else has done that. When we go to 16 and add Texas and Oklahoma, we’re not going to have less opportunity by adding those two. We’re going to have more.

“But we’ve excluded the West Coast and everything west of the Rockies for all but two years. We want college football to be strong nationally, and I think that’s the responsibility we all have.”

Stupid me.  I thought they had a responsibility to maintain the uniqueness of the sport.  But that would mean telling Mickey to stuff their marketing in a bag and set it on fire.  So, instead they’ll tell themselves this is for the best.  And when it comes to their bank accounts, it may very well be.


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Murderers’ Row

You knew when the SEC made Georgia drop the 2023 Oklahoma game, next season’s schedule was going to be awful.  And it is.

Guys, I don’t think we’re gonna be allowed to give Clemson shit next season about whom they play.

On the bright side, Athens businesses have to be thrilled with seven home games, especially since people will be leaving early from a bunch of ’em.


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It’s a long way down.

Of all the lowdown, dirty comments I’ve seen thrown Coach 404’s way, this may be the most lowdown and dirtiest of all ($$).

… But Jackson recalls watching Collins’ introductory news conference, and, as a Knoxville native, he thought about former Tennessee head coach Butch Jones, master of “championship of life.”

“It was reminiscent of a coach (Jones) who won every press conference, set expectations and said a lot of nice things, but when you set up expectations like that, it sent up a lot of red flags for me,” he said. “Then we get on the field, you watch us lose to The Citadel and Northern Illinois and not even being competitive against the Clemsons and the Georgias of the world. It made it pretty obvious we were not headed in the right direction. And it’s tough right now. I hate it for the players, I hate it for the fans. Everybody wants to be just relevant.”

Reminded that Jones actually had two nine-win seasons at Tennessee, Jackson said, “Yeah, it’s probably a disservice to Butch Jones to compare the two.”

Ouchy ouch.


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