Murderers’ Row

You knew when the SEC made Georgia drop the 2023 Oklahoma game, next season’s schedule was going to be awful.  And it is.

Guys, I don’t think we’re gonna be allowed to give Clemson shit next season about whom they play.

On the bright side, Athens businesses have to be thrilled with seven home games, especially since people will be leaving early from a bunch of ’em.


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41 responses to “Murderers’ Row

  1. UT Martin
    Ball State
    and Georgia Tech

    They should move Tech to September. Like peas in a pod.

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  2. JuanSolo

    At least we are hosting our two toughest opponents(UK & Ole Miss).

    Fuck Auburn.


    It’s a shame the Oklahoma game wasn’t the opener. Probably could’ve found a P5 replacement if that were the case.

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  3. Biggen

    I wish this season and next season didn’t have all the cupcakes loaded at the front.

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  4. 81Dog

    So glad we moved the AU game to avoid the ”month of no home games in Athens” issue. Things are going swimmingly, it appears.

    I’m just waiting for the one inevitable shoe drop that cancels the UCLA trip. They screwed us out of one in the 80s. This one will be even more infuriating.

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  5. jcdawg83

    BM will see next season as the perfect time to raise ticket prices.

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  6. David D

    What’s the over/under on noon starts next season? I’ll go with at least 5.

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  7. That is a lousy home schedule, but it was going to be regardless. As a result, I may have to dip my toe back into the Cocktail Party.

    Thanks, Greg, for bending over backwards for Auburn twice.

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  8. Terry McCullers

    When Texas and OU join the sec will we ever see them in Athens?


  9. winodawg

    Josh Brooks
    J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics

    Let your displeasure be heard.

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  10. Opelikadawg

    Of course we can still give Clemson shit about their schedule. FTMF too.

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  11. 3rdandGrantham

    Has Georgia in it’s 100+ year history ever opened any season with four straight home games? The fact that we will have played 5 home games by the first week in October is crazy to me.

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    • stoopnagle

      Great question! In ’07, ’05 and ’01 we started with 3 home games; in ’04 we had 5 of our first 6 at home; and the last time we had our first 4 games at home was 1999 – Utah State, South Carolina, UCF and LSU. (according to Winspedia)


  12. munsonlarryfkajim

    Let’s play a game of what if…

    Let’s say we go 15-0 this year. Maybe that’s still a very long shot but it’s also not absurd to think is very possible this year. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’

    We won our last 4 in 2020 and were 14-1 with a natty last year

    With that 2023 schedule we would most definitely be favored in every 2023 regular season game.

    That would be a run of 45-1 with 2 natties, one SEC Championship, and about to play for another since we lost to the Gators in 2020.

    Has anyone ever had a run like that?


  13. Harold Miller

    At least we have Ole Miss and Kentucky. I really hope Beamer can get SC into a better place.


  14. archiecreek

    Bout time to kick ole piss’s ass!!
    Hope Lanner is still there to take the asswhupp’n for Hugh Freeze.

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  15. Russ

    Nice to know my Labor Day weekend is open next year. There’s a good track day I’ve always wanted to go to on that weekend. Will be good practice for filling my time once Disney finishes off college football.

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  16. Murderers’ Row is what I used to call Thanksgiving at my in-laws’ house.

    I was talking to my buddy on the phone yesterday who still is a season ticket holder about how abysmal the home schedule is this year…he was trying to talk me into flying down for Sat. Not trying to pour salt in the wounds of you other season ticket fans, but talk about a bitter pill to swallow. (We were also bitching about tailgating…I kept asking about if some of old friends still had their spots)

    He told me stub hub has Aub and TN high right now…he might recoup some of his costs if he sells a couple tickets there.

    I’ll continue to be an avid section HD fan and catch 1 or 2 games in person a season. This year I’ll drive to Columbia, MO for a night tiger stomp…proudly be a handsome dude in a red shirt to steal Huck’s great line.


  17. godawgs1701

    Three home games in the final eight games. This is just a disaster of a schedule. We need to get our f’ing home game back from Auburn. It’s beyond a damn joke at this point.

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  18. otto1980

    It should be cold in South Georgia when we go down to Auburn and the leaves should be changing colors when we go up to Knoxville and then celebrate Sunday morning at the Pancake House.

    To hell with Sankey.

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  19. stoopnagle

    Nothing like having your opening week game be on ESPN+. Why are we still doing this playing FCS teams nonsense?

    This is some Jim Donnan-era quality right here.

    At least the Mississippi game is at home.


  20. If you want to win championships….


  21. Morris Day

    More like Murdering The Row, amirite?


  22. Odontodawg

    If there is a silver lining to the schedule (and I admit it’s hard to find one), it could be beneficial to Beck’s development (or any other new starting QB) playing glorified scrimmages against the first few opponents.


  23. Comin' Down The Track

    TFW Ole Miss and Kentucky are the big home games of the season…

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  24. uga97

    We will play 3 sec west teams & 2 of the top 4 teams in the country. 4 of those 5 outside our stadium.


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