Regionalized? You say that like it’s a bad thing.

As the saying goes, when they tell you what they’re doing, you’d better believe it.

Despite his league winning 12 of the last 16 national championships, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said one of the most important components of an expanded 12-team College Football Playoff would be helping the sport not to be so regionalized.

“My view is how do you bring more people into November, including in our league,” Sankey told ESPN. “Our league would be fine, even at 16 teams with a four-team playoff. At 14, we’ve taken half the field a couple of times. Nobody else has done that. When we go to 16 and add Texas and Oklahoma, we’re not going to have less opportunity by adding those two. We’re going to have more.

“But we’ve excluded the West Coast and everything west of the Rockies for all but two years. We want college football to be strong nationally, and I think that’s the responsibility we all have.”

Stupid me.  I thought they had a responsibility to maintain the uniqueness of the sport.  But that would mean telling Mickey to stuff their marketing in a bag and set it on fire.  So, instead they’ll tell themselves this is for the best.  And when it comes to their bank accounts, it may very well be.


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17 responses to “Regionalized? You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  1. 81Dog

    Hmm. When you have a relatively small sample size, things like talent, effort, and organization can cause you to have less than statistically even distribution among the participating groups? Maybe they should just seed the Pac 12 into the finals, or award them extra points to make up for their exclusion in the past. This system is set up to reward programs of excellence, and that’s just not fair!

    Or, and this is a crazy idea, they could just let programs determine their own level of commitment, play the games, and see what happens. The smart guys appear to be overthinking it again, don’t they? But the smart guys are all at Disney, and their goals are not anything besides maximizing ad revenue. Your quaint notions of historic rivalries and regional conferences are so 1978, college fans.

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  2. Maybe Disney should be telling the Pac 12 and its casino boss commissioner to get USC and Oregon to get their act together. The WWL has made it apparent they want USC to be relevant.


    • Down Island Way

      College football is/was/not now strong nationally, till $$$$$ got in the way…thanks for stopping by Greg…


      • USC made a series of bad coaching hires after Pete Carroll left for Seattle under the probation cloud associated with Reggie Bush. Who knows if they have made the best hire with the Boy Wonder Riley, but it would seem they have.


        • Harold Miller

          ee it sure gave the national media a mental boner.

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        • stoopnagle

          Yeah, the talking heads of CFB have been salivating at getting USC relevant again. It’ll be interesting once that play somebody with a pulse. Maybe this weekend? (Though none of us will see it!) or in mid-October (at Utah).


        • Down Island Way

          They just couldn’t re$i$t $howing off out in lala land, carroll didn’t just leave for the great northwest, that dip shit left town with just the shoes on his feet, plus a check…that whole lack of control thing should have burnt the program to the ground, in line with $outhern methodist…


  3. akascuba

    We have a responsibility to take it nationally that’s where the next big chunk of money is. That’s what it sounds like he’s saying. To hell with what made this sport special. Isn’t that a used play book found at some dead NASCAR race track.

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  4. Well , evidently there’s still gold left in them thar hills in the Rockies and west.

    Got to get more viewers, more money , more stupid Fansville commercials…the cash grab is becoming too unseemly.

    The truth is viewers already have access to regional broadcasts. I can watch Pac12 games, Big10, SEC all from my living room. But UCLA couldn’t muster but a handful of fans to watch a home game in the Rosebowl against a ranked opponent.

    College football does mean less in many parts of the country and it has for sometime.

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  5. USC shitting the bed for the past 15 year hasn’t helped.

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  6. archiecreek

    How are you going to get the top recruits to stay on the west coast when the development of players is east of the Rockies??
    Too much gimmickry on the west side of the Rockies…


    • 81Dog

      when the skill players see what the linemen down south look like, and how many of them there actually are, of course they want to play with THOSE guys.


  7. Harold Miller

    Ummmm! Smell that, that’s some good manure right there.

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  8. Russ

    Sankey! He’s dead to me.


  9. otto1980

    I don’t think this is going to end how he thinks it will.

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  10. dawgphan34

    I think that Sankey sees his premium content producers spending a big chunk of their time generating low value regional content and thinks that needs to change.


  11. Dear Greg, please expand on how you are going to get folks in the Southeast interested in Washington, or how folks in California will be interested in Rutgers because “playoffs” thereby creating national interest. I’ll hang up and vomit.

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