They might lose, but we can’t.

I confess that I’m having a hard time getting worked up for Kent State (apologies, Golden Flashes).  Fortunately, there’s a decent substitute for my attention this week.

Who’s up for a meteor game?

What are you hoping to see from the Gators and Vols this Saturday?  Aside from the meteor, of course…


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51 responses to “They might lose, but we can’t.

  1. I’m expecting another mind blowing performance from AR15 and for Florida to keep playing incredible defense. In fact, I predict this is the game AR15 becomes the leading tackler.

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  2. mwodieseldawg

    I hope they get into a fight and kill each other. Too much urnge in one place.

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  3. timphd

    A 3-2 game with one field goal and a safety! Don’t care who gets the three.

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    • Spell Dawg

      Yep, “two mules fightin’ over a turnip“-bad, with a helping of brutal turnovers, is what I’m hoping for. That said, the gators losing in some brutal, last-minute way would be what I’m truly wishing for 😀

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  4. I could see Tooth Nation winning big or I could see the Handbags win a close one. If the game is tight, I think the Tennessee beer-chugging sphincter gets wound up so tight that they blow it.

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  5. akascuba

    No meteor choice makes the earthquake resulting in the Tennessee river washing away both programs my selection easy. I hope one side wins in a blow out crushing the hopes and dreams of the other. No matter the winner Kirby has a soul crushing defeat for them coming.

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  6. JaxDawg

    We all have experiences that shape our respective views. Mine? Growing up in Jacksonville in the 90s. Unless the outcome directly benefits the Dawgs, I can’t and won’t ever have a positive thought for those worthless ditch lizards from hogtown. They can’t lose often enough or bad enough to quench my thirst for gator tears.

    FTMFs. Every day of the week.

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  7. Dawgfan1995

    I really want to see Florida blow Tennessee out so that it leads that fanbase to question everything about Heupel and start to turn on him, it leads the Florida fan base to think that AR15 is really the answer/Napier is god and needs a 10-year extension/that this is the year they can beat UGA.

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  8. rigger92

    I’m fine with it if FL wins. They are in a throwaway season so their fan’s would be happy with a win but an L won’t sting as much.

    An L for TN would sting the fans more being in Heupel’s second year. So I’ll take the result that would make the fan’s of either team hurt more.

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  9. guferuss

    I would normally root for ISIS against Florida, but I might almost want the gators to win to shut Tennessee up for a minute.

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  10. TEXBaller

    There’s a lot of “hoping” up in here.
    Tennessee rolls setting up drama for mid Oct Bama match-up.

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    • Down Island Way

      Could GAS less…between all that Home Depot urnge, plus all that big urnge kuntry urnge, good luck to all those that watch, the real treat will be if LuLu and Junior show up dressed in phat phil chic and pick those Hot-n-Fresh dozen as the real winners saturday…


  11. thenewandimprovedtronan

    My annual ideal is for the Dawgs to go undefeated, the Tooths to go winless, and the Jorts to win one – just one – game. I loathe UTK that much.

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  12. NotMyCrossToBear

    I hate myself for saying this but I hope Tennessee loses. They need to be brought down a few pegs. Florida will then be “back” again and AR15 will be awesome again. All that sets us up to stomp a mud hole in Florida’s ass on October 29. I hate Florida.

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  13. Tennessee shitting the bed with Gameday there to a bad Florida team would probably be the best overall outcome.

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  14. muttleyagain

    The proper way to look at this is always to ask who benefits least from a win and who suffers the most from a loss.

    Beating Tennessee has never really done anything for Florida. It doesn’t even relate to bowl eligibility for them. The Gators have been known to win the meteor game and then cough up >seven straight< including to Georgia Southern.

    For UT it’s the Groundhog Game. Lose this one and a very long, very cold winter gets underway immediately.

    Go Gatuh.

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  15. jim1886

    A TIE, since they both can’t lose

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  16. Russ

    Now that I think about it, it would be fun to see the Tennessee fan base if they lost. Florida already seems a little beaten down.

    I guess the best thing would be a 3-2 outcome with multiple penalties and turnovers from both teams.

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  17. moe pritchett

    If the vawls win they may burn Knoxville
    If “go gatas” win they may burn Knoxville.


  18. kjackson1961

    Since I live in Jax, I’m hoping to see UF get their teeth knocked out. Gators are already promoting basketball season.


  19. archiecreek

    I hate both bastages!!
    I’d like to see the ditch lizards come out in the wishbone.
    Run it down the hillbillies throats.
    Win in double overtime 13-10.
    A guy can dream,


  20. godawgs1701

    A Tennessee loss to Florida when the Vols are convinced they’re going to win the division would easily be the more hilarious outcome, so that’s what I’d enjoy seeing.

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  21. otto1980

    I have told my Tennessee friends for years, I want UGA/UT to be the SEC East Championship game. The SEC teams I hate the most are Bama by a long distance then UF then UT by another long distance. I’ll be pulling for Tennessee.

    May Hogtown return to the dismal times that was the vast majority of their history before Spurrier.


  22. realitycheckhere

    I don’t like either one of them. At All. Tennessee has looked like the better offense. Florida has a decent run game and a better defense. If they use Richardson as a runner and keep the passing to a minimum they have a better chance. It also exposed Richardson to a higher probability of injury. I’m not wishing that on him because karma is a bitch. For the same reason I am not wishing harm to Hooker.

    Otherwise, Fuck em both


  23. setzer613

    Tennessee will win by twenty. Florida will tumble way out of the top 25. The only thing is I hope that they don’t beat them so badly that Florida coaches pull the plug on AR.


  24. stoopnagle

    There are two rules in our home: 1. Always Root for Georgia and 2. Never Root for Florida.

    That said, I think I could appreciate the melt-down in Knoxville if somehow they can’t take the next step as a program by beating a re-building rival on their own home field.

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  25. W Cobb Dawg

    I hate them both with a white hot passion. But I would like to see utk fans shuffling out with heads hanging low.

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  26. dawgleg

    I am going to take the liberty of expanding this for the Vols. FTMF. All of them.


  27. A back-and-forth but tight, low scoring game requiring both coaches to open the playbook for our study enjoyment habits. Predict Hooker is going to pass for 400 yards and AR over 100 rushing.

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  28. theotherdoug

    I want Tennessee to win. I want Florida to fully realize what a dumpster fire their program is and how awful AR15 is.

    Yes, I want Tennessee to fully believe they’re back! I want them to buy all the Big Orange gear!

    and then on November 5th I want the Dawgs to beat the shit out of the Vols. I want Kirby to give that halftime speech telling the guys to break them.

    We already broke Florida, and now it’s time to break the Volunteers.

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  29. olddawg22

    I have more interest in taking a shit and seeing which turd rises to the top than seeing which of these turds floats to the top this week!
    We will wipe the field with both their asses!
    F. B. T. M. F.

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  30. Maybe I am wrong for saying this, but I want to see a brutal, 4 OT game that ends with both teams limping off of the field beat all to hell.

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  31. whybotherdude

    If one team has to win, I hope it is 77-0 blow out with the loosing team just walking off the field half way through the fourth and just quitting. Just a complete demoralizing ass kicking of biblical proportions. With the loosing teams AD assaulting the head coach at the end of the game.
    Then on Monday a report comes out that the winning team bribed the refs and the NCAA brings the death penalty.
    And the game is played during a blizzard because both teams can go to hell.

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  32. TripleB

    Probably good for us if “FTMF”s won, but I just cannot root for them under any circumstances. Go Vols!


  33. Bulldawg Bill

    Look, as long as one of ’em loses, WHO GIVES A SHIT??!?!?!

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  34. SenorLorenzo

    From having watched this upcoming meteor game from afar* for many years, I would say even a mediocre Gator team in the past usually had enough moxie to waltz into Neyland and walkout with a win as a result of an overexcited Vol team having wet themselves. However, this just feels different. So, although I’m anything but a Vol fan, I fully expect a cathartic orange beat down of the Gators to epic proportions of which every moment I will enjoy.

    The “afar” exception was many years ago when as the guest of a Gator friend with an extra ticket I sat throughout an entire UF/UTjr game in Neyland during an absolute drenching deluge getting soaked down to every thread of my underwear and constantly thinking, “I hate both of these teams! Why am I even here?!”


  35. Comin' Down The Track

    PRINCE AVENUE HEADS UP: I was kinda hoping that the Senator would do a Kent State post. I’m guessing that’s not happening and this is the closest thing I could find.
    Aaanyway, Prince Avenue is in the process of being 3-laned/bike-laned. As a resident of that neighborhood, I love it.
    However, those of you that use Jefferson HWY to sneak into town probably won’t. This has been a Public Service Announcement.

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  36. Odontodawg

    I would love for UT to win convincingly, shoot up higher in the rankings, have their fans and media in a frenzy, maybe GameDay shows up, only to have the Dawgs rip their hearts out with a curb-stomping. Makes us look that much better.

    Besides, I most savor the Turds losing.


  37. uga97

    Bring back Tie Games to college, that would be just perfect music for the Sulpher Gulpers and the Knox Vegas Blueticks. Get a room you two.


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