Beyond system quarterback

Matt Hinton, who, at this point, is a Stetson Bennett fan (“… there’s no question whether Bennett is fundamentally capable of getting the job done”), does think Georgia’s quarterback is the beneficiary of having the cushiest starting position in the country.

Working against him, besides his Rudy-esque stature and marginal pro prospects, is the very obvious fact that playing for Georgia makes his life easier than any other quarterback in America. Voters want to see Heisman candidates make plays, which in Bennett’s case is not really necessary. His o-line is elite, his options on any given snap abundant, and the play-calling — while surprisingly creative thus far — rarely stresses his skill set. (More than 31% of Bennett’s pass attempts through the first 3 games have been behind the line of scrimmage, per Pro Football Focus, the highest share of any Power 5 starter; they’re averaging 9.2 yards a pop after the catch.)

Georgia’s defense guarantees he’s never forced to play from behind or make desperate decisions in must-throw situations. It’s about as close as a big-time QB can get to being ensconced in velvet.

Cushiest, literally.


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42 responses to “Beyond system quarterback

  1. Hey Matt: that’s literally the point of the game.

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  2. Bulldawg Bill

    Nothing gets past this guy, does it??

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  3. I don’t give a damn about whether he makes a Heisman-like play or whether he’s going to be drafted. Monken is putting SBIV in the position to make plays and 13 is executing.

    Just win, baby.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Better yet, look at the teams he’s executing!!!!

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    • kokainmothershed

      Agreed!, yet to Stet’s credit, there are already a number of “wow” plays this season. A few that come readily to mind:
      1) The scramble, sack avoiding, and finding Ladd for a TD against Oregon
      2) Juking his way for a running TD against USCe
      3) Turning around and getting the ball out quick to Bowers in the flat against USCe

      Though these all pale in comparison to the 6 yard, wounded parabola jump-pass for which Tebow is granted 8th wonder of the world status, our #13 can make plays happen.

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  4. moe pritchett

    “Ensconced in velvet”
    Well damn Mr. Faulkner.

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  5. practicaldawg

    Imagine the same argument being made for any QB Alabama has had in the last 10 years. Yeah, I can’t either.

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    • Opelikadawg

      You could insert A J McCarron’s name in there for Stetson and it would read just the same.

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      • practicaldawg

        I just know every Alabama QB in recent memory has been ensconced in a lot of velvet. I think other terms for it include recruiting, roster management, and scheme.

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        • Morris Day

          Exactly this, as a Miami Dolphins fan, I cringed when Tua was drafted first round. And, he has struggled with “inconsistency” into his 3rd season now. He has had far from the best surrounding cast in the NFL and he’s been mediocre. Which, I contend he would have been in college, say… if he’d gone to Vandy or Cacky or Mizzou or… “you name it” average program.


    • carolinadawg

      Exactly! The Heisman winning QB is almost always in charge of one of the best offenses. But only SBIV is docked because of the talent around him. These elitists simply can’t get past the fact that he’s a former walk-on. His stats force them to acknowledge he’s good, but they always have to find a negative.

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  6. siskey

    Everything Bennett does to make guys like this mad is secondary to me only behind how great he plays.

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  7. As Tom Petty uttered, “It’s good to be king” ensconced in that velvet (like Bill Paxton, I still can’t believe he’s gone –but I digress)

    Matt’s lame point but it will lead people to overlook the fact that he worked, made throws under pressure in big game situations, and ‘stressed his skillset’ to the max in order to put on the velvet robe. I guess part of the gig is to endure the inconsequential soft ass daggers to the back while slapping the shoulder saying ‘well done’ from national sports word dudes.


  8. Matt Hinton has managed to Dawg-grade playing for the best team in the nation. Now Stet has to overcome that to win an award that basically has become the best QB on one of the best teams. If he wasn’t a former walk-on this wouldn’t even be brought up.

    Personally I don’t care if Stetson wins the Heisman or not, but it would be cool for him though.

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    • Odontodawg

      Exactly. If playing for a very good to great team is an automatic disqualifier for the Heisman per his logic, who “legitimately” won it in the last, say, ten years? I’ll hang up and listen.

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  9. Roswell Dawg

    Every Heisman QB candidate exists in a cushy environment. That’s why they look so good. Members of the jury, I give you……Bryce Young.

    Hinson tripe.

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    • biggity ben

      Was going to say the same thing. Is Hinton a Heisman voter? If so, did he vote for Bryce? Either Metchie and Williams didn’t matter and Bryce Young deserved the Heisman, or they did matter and contributed to his Heisman. Hint: it’s both!


  10. jim1886

    And, Bryce Young and C J Stroud, do not.
    Flimsy excuse


  11. Ran A

    Only thing that ruffled my feathers is surprisingly creative. Just tells you how close of attention these guys pay. Monken dealt with a Covid year, implementing a new system, QB1 leaving in August (or was it September), because he wasn’t guaranteed the job. QB2 being Stetson learning the system, only to lose the job to a healthy Daniels (after the Alabama and UF losses). Back to Bennett when QB1 (Daniels is hurt) and not one of them with a full season of running the system under their belt. With WR 1 (Pickens) and 2 (Burton)basically playing part-time. Smith was hurt (your over the top threat) – Washington (TE) hasn’t been healthy until this year. Lost his starting RG 10 minutes into the system last year.

    Georgia generated over 6,400 yards and averaged over 38 points a game. And I guess they did that with very little creativity.

    Well Matt my boy. I guess you should be more terrified than surprised; if you feel like Georgia’s offense is ‘suddenly’ creative. Because Monken hasn’t had to play one card that he was holding in the deck. He’s just letting his players have a little fun.

    Just wait until he starts dealing off the bottom.

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  12. TripleB

    Stetson came out smoking in the fist game of the year and played a nearly perfect game before everyone realized how good our offense hummed. He made really good throws and he set the tone possibly for the rest of the year. If he comes out struggling, what happens? He has changed my view of him, and I believe everyone else should give him credit. Plus, I’m holding a $50.00 Heisman ticket on him which will get me $4k if he wins it. I really need everyone to get on that bandwagon!!!

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    • whb209

      Mr. TripleB
      If he comes out struggling, what happens?

      In Monken I trust. Our OC will settle him down and call the plays that put the least stress on Bennett and we will be fine.


  13. Yeah, that three-TD lead we had in the fourth quarter against Bama sure made it easy for… oh wait.

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  14. As if last years Heisman winner didn’t have a few good players on his team.


  15. He implies (or outright says) SBIV doesn’t “make plays”.

    Does he even watch him play?

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  16. Cool…now do Brady at New England.

    Keep telling Stet he can’t do it. He feeds off that stuff.

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  17. godawgs1701

    I’m sorry, but I don’t recall a whole lot of people before the season showering Bennett’s supporting cast with laurels. I recall muffled laughter and outright hand wringing about Jermaine Burton leaving for our biggest competition in the league and I remember a lot of questioning the talent that had left. Everyone loved Bowers, sure, but beyond that? Didn’t hear a whole lot about how Stetson Bennett had the easiest job in the country. That’s all come about in the last three games. Is it possible that we’ve got talented players who are being made better by a damn fine quarterback who has mastered this system?

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    • I’m sorry, but I don’t recall a whole lot of people before the season showering Bennett’s supporting cast with laurels.

      Now that I think about it, you’re right. I mean, I did find it a little strange in the preseason that people were leaving the defending national champs off their top 25 ballots entirely… oh, wait.

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      • godawgs1701

        Outside of local media, did you see articles touting Stetson Bennett’s receiving options before the season? I heard plenty about Ohio State. I remember plenty of buzz about Bowers and the tight ends, and that’s about it. Now we’re talking about all the options he has.


  18. Hinton is doing his best Loran Smith impression.


  19. Dawg in Austin

    Best back-handed compliment of the day!


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