Charting a rout

Behold Bill Connelly’s advanced box score for the Georgia-South Carolina game:

That is “don’t let little kids view that unattended” ugly.  A seal clubbing in numbers.

The Dawgs more than doubled SC’s success rate, with field position being essentially a wash.  No sacks, but a pressure rate of better than 37%.

The tidbit I’m most fascinated by, though, are Georgia’s passing stats against zone coverage.  Monken essentially laid waste to the ‘Cocks’ zone defense.

Gotta like Bill’s quick verdict, too.


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17 responses to “Charting a rout

  1. Biggen

    All of that destruction and our average starting field position was our own 22! Damn.

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  2. That’s pure domination and Dawg porn right there.

    I may change your title to “Anatomy of a beatdown” or “How to take little brother behind the woodshed.”

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    • Down Island Way

      Anytime you get a “quick verdict” from the jury, you are guilty as charged…the routs will continue, until hc’s start asking for those 12 minute something, something…#PAINISGOOD!


  3. Scary indeed…I hope we have a similarly scary result right around Halloween

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  4. Russ

    I like our average starting position. We didn’t get a ton of short fields. Instead the offense matriculated the ball down the field.

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  5. Harold Miller

    Given the large numbers of long drives the Dawgs have had so far this season, 70 yards+, I would say that at this point, we are an offensive juggernaut!

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    • biggusrickus

      The 7.91 YPP they’re averaging would be up there with the top offenses of the last several seasons. The number will probably decline a little as they hit the tougher part of the schedule late in the year, but they’ll still probably end up in the elite tier.


  6. 79dawg

    From the skycam view (a/k/a Section 501), there were multiple guys running wide open through through the zone coverage on almost every play (and oh yeah, we have receivers that can beat you playing man too)….


  7. Kirby’s doing something wrong, I just can’t find it yet to yell about. Killjoy.

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  8. practicaldawg

    Not only was there a huge talent differential on the field, the in-game coaching and preparation was like watching a world poker champion take on a 5th grader. Cock Commander tipped almost everything it did offensively and defensively, playing right into the strengths of their opponent. Beamer seems like a class act, but the shoe string budget SC uses to pay its coaches really shows.


  9. pedropossum

    The real intrigue to me is what do teams start doing. Will they change schemes to better protect against the pass, can they, and do our rush success numbers go up astronomically when they do? Lanning obviously had the wrong scheme in place partially because of good anticipation on our end I believe. Beamer sounds like he tried to implement some different stuff but he may not have had the personnel.

    I don’t need advanced stats to know we have been so good. Some foresight about what next from the smart guys would be better.

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    • PeachPit

      Madam Charlotta is coming to your town next week. Her crystal ball may tell you the Dawgs win handily for the rest of the season. Crystal balls seem to mostly work for 24/7.

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