Conspiracy theory, with Matt Hayes

Tell me you don’t understand the SEC’s scheduling ineptitude without saying you don’t understand the SEC’s scheduling ineptitude.

This is what Hayes says is behind the conference’s nefarious scheme to have Georgia avoid facing off against Texas A&M until 2024:

Why, you ask? Because college football is expanding and aligning before our very eyes. It’s the SEC/ESPN vs. the Big Ten/Fox/CBS/NBC — and they’re fighting for every last viewer.

You think the SEC is just going to gift Fox a game with what could be 2-time defending national champion Georgia? Or gift CBS the hype-filled and much anticipated Georgia at Texas A&M game?

Not on your life.

“That’s a great theory,” an industry source said. “Would it surprise me? Not really. Would I blame either (the SEC or Big Ten) if they did that? Never. This is bare-knuckle fighting now.”

This is bigger than Georgia traveling to College Station, everyone. This is about protecting games and building brands and not inadvertently helping your rival do the same.

Besides, if the expanded Playoff doesn’t happen in 2024 and Texas and Oklahoma don’t leave the Big 12 early as part of the deal, that opposite division rotation will magically turn to — tada! — Georgia at Texas A&M.

Just in time for ESPN’s first season as the exclusive media rights holder of the SEC.

By Jove, Holmes, you’ve cracked the case!

Now if Matt can find the smoking gun that proves the conference knew back in 2012 that Mickey’s first season holding exclusive broadcast rights would be in 2024, he might really be on to something.  On the other hand, he might consider making Occam’s razor his friend.


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9 responses to “Conspiracy theory, with Matt Hayes

  1. akascuba

    Matt sees things through the lens of how does this hurt or help my school FU like many of his peers.

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  2. 81Dog

    There’s a joke in here about the Dawg that didn’t bark in the night, but I’m too bloody lazy to unearth it, old top. Bother, that.

    Also, if he’s right or not about ESPN, mark me down like Khan quoting The Heart of Darkness in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. FTMF.

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  3. One of the dumbest takes I’ve ever read from Hayes … and that’s saying something.

    On the OU game, follow the money. UGA wasn’t going to earn anything from the Norman game just as OU wouldn’t from the Athens game (that’s the way OOC non-conference home/home works).

    On the 8&4 game (thanks, Corch), 2024 was determined 10 years ago. That’s just dumb.

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  4. Russ

    These guys really are monkeys with typewriters.


  5. Extra points for finding the article that has Georgia looking at a possible 3rd straight Natty in the same year.

    Kreskin, eat your heart out.

    Go Dawgs


  6. You know, discovering there was one hidden Wizard back in the early 2000’s that had this whole mess mapped out in advance almost makes more sense than the utterly stupid decisions that have been collectively made by many along the way. Time to tap my ruby slippers together…I want to go home, I want to go home…


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