The declining value in getting your brains beat out

Andy Staples ($$) brings up something I’ve touched on before, the trends threatening the future returns for mid-majors scheduling guarantee games.

… [Kent State athletic director Randale] Richmond didn’t offer any judgment about what happened before he arrived. But he did point out that those games were signed when demand for such games outstripped supply. In the middle of the last decade, Power 5 schools wanted to buy home games with no return dates without scheduling too many FCS teams. That allowed MAC and Sun Belt schools to drive up the prices of these games. Kent State made $1.2 million to open the 2011 season at Alabama. Georgia will pay 58 percent more for Saturday’s game.

As more Power 5 schools opt for home-and-home series against other Power 5 schools — because fans hated the buy games and showed their displeasure with their absence — the number of buy games is decreasing. Meanwhile, the SEC is considering adding a ninth conference game. The seller’s market has become a buyer’s market.

“Now less games are out there,” Richmond said. “People are out there saying ‘Hey, I still need that revenue. I’ll take less than School X.’ That’s where that next wave is coming.”

It’s the law of supply and demand, and demand looks like it’s starting to dry up.  Also, there’s some bottom up squeeze from FCS schools, when you think about it.  For the average Georgia fan, Kent State isn’t any more attractive than Samford is.  So, if you’re Josh Brooks, why agree to pay mid-major rates when you can schedule a lower tier school at half the price?


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17 responses to “The declining value in getting your brains beat out

  1. “why agree to pay mid-major rates when you can schedule a lower tier school at half the price?”

    Point well made when the ROI is the same…a disenfranchised fanbase that is pissed off at a crappy home schedule

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  2. 81Dog

    “fewer” 🤣

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  3. muttleyagain

    I’m telling Georgia tech right here and now how they can fix their financial problems, play in real stadiums in front of real fans, and maybe even look towards rebuilding in some post-apocalyptic college football dystopia.

    Tech, you’re technically still a P5 opponent. Slather on some lipstick and make-up and gold and white fishnets and stand on the corner of Peachtree and 10th. If you’re going to get your ass kicked at home by the Citadel, go get it kicked in style in the Big House or Tuscaloosa or Norman or way out at Duck U. That’s a prime P5 thorax you’ve got. Peddle it for market value and pay down some of your sad little buyouts. Fix up the Wreck. Buy shirts and hookers for the Goldfellas and send ’em on their way.

    But play four of those a year. Call ’em the Hunger Games or something.

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    • miltondawg

      I was just at dinner with friends last night and one of them is a Tech guy. I told him the exact same thing. They should look for opportunities to go on the road and be like Boise State was years ago. Play anyone, anywhere, anytime with no reciprocal home game and collect cash.

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      • muttleyagain

        Georgia actually did it throughout the fifties and beyond when the AD was in financial trouble over the original note on Sanford. In 1957 Georgia played only about two home games. The last of the hire-outs was to Michigan in 1965, and we won.

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        • miltondawg

          Tech would be mocked for having to do it these days. But they’re being mocked all over the country for the pitiful state of their program as it is. Play your four home ACC games each season, maybe one or two more against cupcakes to try to get Ws, and go on the road for as much cash as you can get for the rest. Hell, call Josh Brooks and offer to play COFH in Athens for the next six seasons if Georgia, with its abundant resources, makes it financially beneficial for Tech every year that should be a Tech home game. Bobby Dodd is basically red for that game as it is. What’s the difference if Georgia will pay you $1M to play in Athens?

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          • muttleyagain

            I don’t know what the economics of the Georgia home game are for them, but it would kill their home schedule and their season ticket package. Realistically, though- kidding aside- if they could replace a Western Carolina type game from this year’s schedule- and give up hosting Ole Miss for a 42-0 crowd-pleaser- with unreturned visits to some old rivals in Tuscaloosa, or Gainesville, or Knoxville, or the Plains, or South Bend- what would that be worth to them? It might cure a lot of ills over a few years.


          • Down Island Way

            Hold on there, don’t let the north avenue fucking trade school off easy, they were the ones that saw the demise coming and decided to down size our beloved Mark Richt Field, (before it was MRF), they are the ones who decided to stay downtown and have UGA football kick that nerdfootball ass regularly, they could have went into the witness protection relocation program, but instead, chose to liken themselves to splattered bug on a windshield and now their fan base screams it ain’t fun no more…#HATEITFORYA!

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    • They left SO MUCH money on the table closing the upper deck for the Clemson game.

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  4. setzer613

    Why waste the money on Kent or Ball state when you have Georgia southern and Georgia State sitting in our yard begging to play? It would be cheaper for them, thus cheaper for us. It is not like we are giving them recruits or an advantage by scheduling them.

    Also their fans WILL show up and add revenue to the coffers of the athletic department and downtown. I would drive the three hours to watch us host Georgia Southern. But Kent, Ball, UT Martin, Samford, don’t move the needle.

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  5. I blame COVID and suggest more playoff games to fix it. What’s the problem again?

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Not paying full price to see scrimmages.

    The only practical use (for cupcake games) I’ve seen are from those who take their kids or grandkids for their first game to give them an introduction to the school/tailgate/Sanford environment – at a reduced price.

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    • Ain’t that part of the “rich tradition of college football” so many on this board seem to whine about losing?

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      • Tony BarnFart

        I agree. The cupcake game might very well be a long-term future fan engagement mechanism, which is otherwise being attacked from all sides (kids sports / activities, prices, TV quality). If the person you’re counting on to be a future diehard never visits the stadium growing up…….that’s likely a problem.


    • miltondawg

      My boys, when they were young, never went to a bigger game. It was always a cupcake at noon-ish time slot. In addition to the reduced price and getting back home at more reasonable times, the environment was less college-ish game day than I wanted them to see at that age.

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  7. Dawg19

    At least we don’t have to pay Tech to drub them.

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