The earlier bird catches the worm.

If you add another week or two of games to the college football schedule, which CFP expansion would do, you’ve either got to make it up somewhere else or rub elbows with the NFL.  You can guess which way the suits are headed.

A proposal to revamp the 365-day college football calendar calls for leaders to further examine moving up the start of the regular season as well as the bowl season.

… maybe the most significant item is the notion that officials need to “further explore potentially making Week 0 fully permissive,” the calendar notes. Under current rules, teams need a waiver to play a game during what’s termed “Week 0,” the weekend before the official start to the season. In another proposed change, bowl games would be permitted to start the second Saturday in December—a week earlier than normal.

Boy, they really want to avoid something.

While opening the door for teams to have an additional bye week, lifting the Week 0 waiver process could be the first step in a move to eventually shift up a week the entire regular season. The change would expand a tight December window in which to play additional playoff games, alleviating a cramped timeline that includes conference championship games, NFL regular-season games (some played on Saturday), midyear exams and graduation.

How would that Week 0 deal work?

The calendar’s most striking component—opening up Week 0 to all schools—is not a new topic, but its inclusion in the proposal speaks to the serious nature of the possibility. Eleven games involving FBS teams were played on Week 0 this year, including Northwestern’s win over Nebraska in Ireland. Waivers to play on Week 0 are granted for various reasons, most notably for those teams that play at Hawaii, an incentive for programs to travel to such a remote location. If the waiver process is eliminated, teams could host recruits for home games played on Week 0, the calendar says.

Host recruits for home games played on Week 0? You can bet Kirby Smart will be on that particular mother in a heartbeat.


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21 responses to “The earlier bird catches the worm.

  1. Week 0 (what a dumb moniker) is the last time many of the players have a chance to go home or get away for a quick weekend after camp ends and before the season starts.

    Let’s take that away, so we can have a 12-team playoff and not deal with the NFL in December.

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    • miltondawg

      True enough, but if you backed up the start of camp by a week as well they could still have the last weekend before games start (Week 0) to get away before the season. I thought to myself watching the Week 0 games a few weeks ago that I am surprised Kirby doesn’t push to play that weekend so that he can get a second off week during the season. I’m sure the players wouldn’t mind having, for example, a stretch of four games and a weekend off in September and then another stretch of four games and another weekend off before WLOCP.


      • I don’t imagine the players are terribly excited about playing before Labor Day weekend. I know just using next year’s schedule as an example, the idea of playing UT-Martin on August 27 would be awful (but that may be the case regardless of when it’s scheduled).


  2. Joel Davis

    If there is a silver lining, its that the powers that be actually realize there is a limit to which they can bleed us and that limit is competing with the NFL

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  3. kingcmo2000

    The traditional gap between thanksgiving and the bowl games is just wasted time from TV’s perspective. When the alternative is competing against the NFL playoffs in Jan and Feb, it’s pretty obvious what they are going to do. Good news is we won’t have as any players getting out of shape in banquet season, because we won’t have one anymore!


  4. dawgphan34

    The season has to either start earlier or play less games. Maybe both. They can’t go any later because of the NFL games.

    I could also see them dumping the championship games in favor of a playoff weekend.


  5. 79dawg

    If you thought XYZ Stadium was hot on the Saturday before Labor Day, just wait until you get to experience two Saturdays before Labor Day in the middle of the August heat!

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  6. Russ

    Can’t wait to open SEC play in Columbia on August 25th.

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  7. rigger92

    Is tonight’s NFL game exclusively on Amazon Prime video? I ask because there’s also a decent college game tonight, WV vs VaTech. I know which one I’m watching but then Chubb will be on tonight too. If I am so inclined I’ll have one on the tv and one on my iPad. These days it’s pretty easy to have two or three games on at once, why be so scared of the NFL?


  8. One of the posters known as Mark

    Appropos to nothing, how about the mother-f’ing NF’ingL stay the F out of Saturdays until college football is finished and its champion crowned? I am sure there’s a reason why they don’t, but if I’m King, CFB plays on Saturdays no matter what the NFL does.

    Screw the NFL. Yeah, and their horse, too.

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    • 79dawg

      I think the NFL would stepback from Saturdays and avoid the head-to-head – it needs its zero-cost minor league to be healthy….

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    • godawgs1701

      Yeah, I mean, the reason the NFL plays those late season games on Saturdays is because the college game was done on Saturdays and their network broadcast partners had the extra air time with no football to put there. Perhaps it’s silly to think that the NFL would give up the day, but it’s more about whether the broadcasters would be willing to. I’d think the NFL would be fine with playing those Sundays instead, the money would likely be the same on their end. Does CBS make as much off of a December SEC game as they do the NFL? That’s the real question. Hell, the NFL could start playing Saturdays in September and October if they really wanted to.


    • miltondawg

      Of course there’s a reason that the NFL won’t stay out of Saturdays after high school and college seasons end. Money. Fox can show an NFL game on Saturday and then another on Sunday which, in theory, doubles free TV viewership for NFL games that otherwise would be on one of the pay NFL channels. The Sports Broadcasting Act from 1961 also keeps, effectively, the NFL from having games on Fridays and Saturdays because the NFL game would have to be blacked out locally (within 75 miles) if there are college or high school games being played on Fridays or Saturdays. If that provision of the SBA were to go away, you can bet your ass that the NFL would play games on Friday nights and Saturdays in September, October, and November and not think twice about it.


  9. Not sure Kirby would be motivated to play in Week Zero if it didn’t also mean the date he can have kids practicing moves up a week as well. The man believes we’re at a disadvantage when his next opponent finishes their game a few hours before us.

    Love it.

    Go Dawgs.


    • 79dawg

      I kinda figured it went without saying that everything else would be moved up a week, since they’re “doin it for the kids” so they can have more time to study for exams/partake in graduation festivities in December….


  10. The NFL soaks up viewers/ratings/ad revenue. And that’s when they have no competition. Bezos and the owners aren’t going to sit still to let the first round of the CFP steal from them. August Saturdays and December Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the only choices for Disney who has obvious conflicting interests.


  11. theotherdoug

    An odd quirk of week 0 games is they’re about a month before school starts for colleges that are on the quarter system. That means potentially 1/3 of the games are played before the students arrive and a very short summer for the players.


  12. I just wish the National Championship Game started between 4 and 7 on a Saturday.

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  13. Nil Butron is a Pud

    “Week 0” brought to you by NCAA Director of Scheduling, Nigel Tufnel:

    “We want to start our games early, but playing in week 1 just isn’t early enough. So we start playing at week 0. Because it just gives us that extra early week. That extra kick for our fans. You know, because it’s, like, 1 less than 1. It’s zero.”

    “Ummm, why don’t you just make week 1 earlier?”

    “(confused look) well, um…ours starts at 0”


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