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So that’s what anxiety feels like.

One team showed up to play today and one team… showed up.


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Your game day post, Kent State edition

Let’s start with a little insight from Matt Stinchcomb:

“Right now, Georgia is more than RBU,” Stinchcomb said. “But just because they’re more than RBU doesn’t mean that (sic) aren’t RBU anymore, if that makes sense. Just because you’re more, doesn’t mean you aren’t.”

Got that?

I think it means Georgia’s gonna cover today.  Have at it in the comments.



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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Here’s what’s on the agenda today.

Of course, the meteor game leads in matters of interest, but there are some other games worthy of attention for a variety of reasons:  Clemson-Wake Forest, Arkansas-TAMU, USC-Oregon State, Missouri-Auburn and Georgia Tech-UCF, for example.

What interests you out of today’s action and why?


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No rush

Tell us Kirby Smart’s priority on moving the Cocktail Party isn’t your priority without saying it isn’t your priority.

As for the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville that the schools are under contract through the 2023 game with an option to extend it. Coach Kirby Smart has voiced wanting to have the games on campus to be able to host recruits in Athens for a rivalry game.

“One of the key dominoes in this whole equation is getting our conference schedule set,” Brooks said. “We still have time on that. We’re not in a rush on that. We’re locked in through ’23 anyway, but we want to see where we are with the conference schedule before we really dig in.”

Said Morehead: “There are just so many issues that have to be resolved before we even talk about Jacksonville.”

They’re just waiting for an offer they can’t refuse.


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If at first you don’t succeed…

Quite the historic track record for today’s opponent:

Saturday will mark the Golden Flashes’ 22nd road trip against a Power 5 opponent since 2013, including well-compensated dates at Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, Clemson, Auburn, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and, most recently, Washington and Oklahoma. Their record in those games: 0-21 by an average score of 42 to 9.

Admittedly, that score wouldn’t cover the spread.  So…


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The continuing adventures of Todd Monken, wizard

Hey, remember that gaping hole in Stetson Bennett’s game last season?

NIL aside, is there a more convincing sales point on the recruiting trail right now than “if we could do that with Stetson Bennett, imagine what we can do with your son”?


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Pushing the NIL envelope?

This is cryptic.

Sounds like Kirby’s had to make some adjustments on the recruiting trail, but what do I know?


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“That guy can play!”


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