Coming soon, to a uniform near you

As No. 7 Kentucky comes to Oxford to face No. 14 Ole Miss in one of the biggest game of the weekend (noon ET, ESPN), Ole Miss will use the game as a vehicle to promote… Realtree?

The Georgia-based outdoors apparel company, founded by Ole Miss alum Bill Jordan, will put its design on Ole Miss’s helmets.

“We loved this idea from the minute we heard about it,” Carter said. “Today’s environment around lead times for any sort of equipment has presented challenges, but teamwork between the Realtree team and our athletics staff has been tremendous. Everyone, including head coach and our student-athletes, was determined, excited and eager to see this concept become reality, and we’re thrilled to launch the partnership and see how it grows in the years ahead. Our players will take the field Saturday wearing an exclusive helmet that will turn heads and generate excitement amongst our students, alumni and fans.”

“Our players and coaches are excited to partner with Realtree and wear this unique new helmet and gear,” Kiffin said. “I appreciate Bill, Tyler and the entire Realtree team for all they have done and continue to do for our program. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this great collaboration.”

For any viewers unaware whose brand is painted all over the helmet, Realtree conveniently provided chin strips with the logo on the chin and the company name printed on the straps.

Nothing says amateurism like making college players walking billboards, amirite?


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43 responses to “Coming soon, to a uniform near you

  1. Down Island Way

    If it’s 4:20, it’s time for some Realtree…or so says Ole Miss alum Laremy Tunsil…#UPINSMOKE!

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  2. cpark58

    Realtree’s biggest competitor, MossyOak is based in Mississippi. Guess they are Mississippi State boys.

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  3. Dawgfan1995

    I wonder out loud the NIL part of this issue — how much are the players getting out of this deal — and what the NCAA rules are about it.


  4. Down Island Way

    It just makes that helmet looooook dirty…

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  5. fisheriesdawg

    There’s something ironic about saying a uniform designed by a camo pattern company is intended to turn heads. That’s the last thing I want in a deer stand.

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  6. aim260

    Those are sharp IMO.

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  7. Horrible look for what they’re trying to do. On TV the blue color and pattern will look like they’re out there playing paintball.

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  8. mddawg

    Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.

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  9. godawgs1701

    Realtree is based in my hometown of beautiful Columbus, Georgia and I’ve worked with Bill Jordan several times back in my TV sports days because he helped me with my NASCAR coverage (they were a sponsor for a few cars). Good dude. But these helmets look beyond awful.

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  10. Munsoning

    Doesn’t look like camo. At all.


  11. gobblinglawyer

    The damn Landsharks hiding in plain sight….there’s an SEC Shorts episode in there somewhere.

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  12. Please, please, please don’t ever let this come to Athens, Georgia.

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  13. Hobnail_Boot

    Cut the amateurism schtick. It was cringeworthy before NIL and now it’s just insulting.


  14. MGW

    It just looks like the helmets were painted on bring your kid to work day.

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  15. Nil Butron is a Pud

    In a cross-marketing effort, the team scent will be provided by Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure. Go Ole Piss!

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  16. spur21

    Looks more like a satellite shot of Ian.

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  17. rigger92

    About 18 months ago I commented on NIL leading to “coach, that offensive line brought to you by Mack Trucks really held their own today, the run game brought to you by CAT power really took over the game” or something to that effect.

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  18. They’ve got enough free time to crank out these nasty-looking things, but I’ve been clamoring for a Realtree Speedo for years and still nothing. Ridiculous.


  19. pansythedawg

    Can’t wait for Auburn’s Yellawood 2×4 pattern helmets.

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  20. whb209

    I always liked the red, white (silver) and that damn red hat.


  21. thelifeofthemind

    Isn’t their some sort of NCAA standard that prevents teams from doing this? Otherwise we would have seen McDonalds arches all over uniforms and the like. It’s not like this an NIL thing either.


    • Gaskilldawg

      The NCAA rulebook used to prohibit any lettering or images on uniforms other than the school, the players’ names and apparel manufacturer. I do not know now.


  22. PeachPit

    That’s Kentucky blue. Does a portend a loss for Ole Miss? Like I’m gonna get my head lopped off? Why in the world did they choose blue this particular week?


  23. stoopnagle


    Why would you do that to those beautiful Houston Oiler tribute lids?